Black Oxygen Organics Review | Fulvic Acid MLM Permeates Canada

Black Oxygen Organics Review: the company is a wellness enterprise that sells products via a multi-level marketing network. 

At first brush, it sounds like a so-so fluff for reselling medicines conveniently available at the local dispensary. 

Well, for the most part, this is what the company appears to be, a gaggle of MLM business personnel trying to pass off mud as some derivate panacea. It compensates MLM with loads of phooey pages about Black Oxygen.

Now, that is where the problem lies. Black Oxygen Organics is not only an MLM but an authority on the potency of fluvic acid.

The first clue to the false stories is the fantasy drugs (which surpass every efficacy metric). Companies oughtn’t to sidestep pharmaceuticals when discussing drug compositions, regardless of who is handling the trademarks.

We explain the direct sales model and royalty programs in this article. Read on below for details.

Black Oxygen Organics Review: How Did It Start?

The company begins with a pitch higher than its forerunner, Golden Moor, since its launch in 2012. But hype eventually trumps subtlety, which is why Black Oxygen later goes public with its products.

Also, the company owner is Saint Onge, who supposedly makes an enterprise of mud-selling. 

For the most part, Black Oxygen Organics is, according to the official website, inspired by the curative mud deposits close to a yard.

He rummages around the treasure bog and discovers a new practice for curing various diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The same discovery cues an epiphany to surfeit the Fulvic acid with too much MLM to make it glut.

So, what is this groundbreaking product, Black Oxygen?

Our Black Oxygen Organics Review finds nothing informative about this item on the website

Instead, the site offers a vague conflation with humic (same as fluvic) acid, implying the substance only winds up useful after oozing as non-fossilized Humic/Fulvic in pools _ bogs, after all. The jackpot was discovered in Canada.

Currently, the company sells products that contain Black Oxygen at the following prices.

Black Oxygen powder _ sells for $110 per 125g pouch.

Black Oxygen Tab _ contains forty (40) tablets per box and for sold $110.

Also, there is a Black Oxygen Coffee.

The above products are for bodily application (rubbing or dousing), immersion (feet-soaking, bathing, etc.), and consumption.

Do the drugs work? 

In reply, our Black Oxygen Organics Review refers you to a reprisal on Black Oxygen from the Canadian government. See the section below for details.

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Canada Warns Against Black Oxygen

Canadian authorities stop the retails, preventing Black Oxygen from marketing unhealthy products to anyone in the country.

Coincidentally, the same products are on the list in the above section.

Why is Canada warning against these drugs?

The reason remains the same: the drugs are yet to pass through evaluation by Health Canada. It says much about leaping through peer review to sell drugs to the public.

Each of the drugs ticks the box for not evaluated. The authorities, doing their due diligence, raise awareness to dissuade people from indulging the whims of Black Oxygen.

So, the main issue is that the drug leads to more damage than it cures.

Also, the gimmicks of promoters and marketers on social media do not help the situation one bit. They worsen matters by claiming that their drugs cure Alzheimer’s. Some affiliates even include relief from trauma in the lists.

Miracle Cure for Parasites

Black Oxygen Organics Review: far from merely breaking phenomenal news on the Canadian geology (after finding a hitherto unknown dirt pool), Black Oxygen delves into parasitology.

Typical of the platform, it cloaks this miracle cure for parasite infection in another vagueness. Here is the gist, though.

Humans (everyone without exemption) contain unhealthy doses of heavy metal shed by endemic parasites after death. The said metals are harmful to health, although they benefit the parasites and their offspring. If left unchecked, the process leads to severe health complications.

How can you get rid of these heavy metals without harming yourself? Black Oxygen offers its drugs in reply.

However, people in the know say that drugs are unhealthy. But then, not so much the drugs are wrongly-used, but also their sellers are flailing in a specialist topic.

So, the reference to parasites does not quieten any interest in due diligence, which precedes retails in any Canadian province. 

Also, the most recurring reason for advising against drugs is the sloppy effort to pass it off as legal. Any drug that does not specify users’ age or the hang-overs for teenagers, children, and pregnant woman deserves absolute vetting.

Loyalty Programs

Typical of MLMs, loyalty programs put most members in the bottom tiers while scaling a few to the top tiers. It supposedly works as a competitive scheme to reward all the affiliates in the platform.

Black Oxygen provides an affiliate compensation structure (paying down unilevels) and a residual drop (using binary teams). We explain the models in turn in this section.

Compensation via Unilevels

Although the cap is at the fifth (5th) level, it goes down the unilevel compensation grid. Here is how it works.

You start your downlines by recruiting people. These personally recruited members make up the first level, which begins the corresponding second-level by recruiting into the platform.

At the fifth (5th) level, Black Oxygen pays you weighted profits depending on the levels. Below are the available profits per level.

Level 1 gets 25%

Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 receive 5% each.

Residual Drop

Residual drops typically pay through binary teams, especially in MLM.

The easy way to picture a residual drop is to imagine a 1 x 2 grid. Then increase the lattice by multiplying with powers of two. So, it gives a pattern that branches out in twos from an original one.

CEOs and above get 20%.

The ranks from Directors to Diamond Directors get 15%.

Lastly, affiliates in Business Partners and Executive Partners tiers make 10% from this grid.

The profits only culminate from your lower binary team side. 

Black Oxygen Organics Review: Conclusion

The obvious issue about this company is the unverified drug description. Black Oxygen sells an unevaluated drug, which is currently clearing off the streets of Canada.

So, there is no reason for anyone to buy the drugs for use.

For the most part, the issue is in measuring the percentage composition of Humic and Fulvic in one of the products, BOO. Black Oxygen says it is 60%:40%. But, without a verifiable review, chances are 50/50 that the ratio inverts easily.

Moreover, there are a few more straits here:

The so-called Humic/Fulvic extraction ground is close to a refuse site.

It is also close to a radioactive emitter.

Each of the above poses problems to human health, superseding any health benefits of Fulvic. By the way, there is no proof that the Black Oxygen drugs cure Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

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