Bixy Review | About, Crypto Mining, Legit or Scam?

Bixy Review: as to whether the Bixy crypto mining platform is a scam, nothing overtly incriminating can be found about it on the internet.

However, there are scam alerts after several positive scores in Trust Pilot Bixy reviews. What else do you know about the company? 

You can learn more about so-called Bixy top-notch crypto mining from this article. Our Bixy Review focuses on the Bixy website. It then attempts to discuss the company’s legitimacy as a true Defi services channel. 

Also, much of our review about this crypto coin mining group hinges on the information on its website. Read this article to learn more about the company.

Bixy Review: About the Company.

Bixy Review: advertising its commitments to several goals and visions on its website, offers mostly crypto-bent services.

When you visit the website, you only get to view a hotchpotch of investment packages. Most Bixy Review articles depend on feedbacks from Bixy clientele to review the platform.

As we said, the website reveals precious little about company owners. It’s not even sure who runs the platform. Like some crypto blockchain intermediaries do, it might be that Bixy represents it is only a crypto mining medium. But this is not strictly true about the website.

Bixy Review: despite the scanty details about its administration, Bixy still offers affiliate reawrd packages. Its services section also remits periodical bonuses to referral levels. And based on these points, our Bixy Review confirms that Bixy is a multi-level marketing (MLM) platform. 

See the following section of this Bixy Review for possible red flags about the Bixy team.

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Bixy Review: Legit, Proxy, or Ghost Teams?

MLM companies offering crypto coins through Defi projects always hide their admin identity. On the rare occasion that such OCT operators disclose their identity, it’s usually a scam. Our Bixy Review finds that Bixy treads the same path as the incognito MLM CEOs.

One name jumps into your face when you view the company team webpage. It’s Kyle Johnson. The Bixy CEO supposedly plays advisory roles. But that is all the information you can get about him from the website. Nothing vouches for his experience trading/mining crypto coins. The same is true for other team members.

Further, the internet search result for Karl Johnson shows links to Our Bixy Review finds that the organization cover crisis as it concerns America.

Also, Karl Johnson featured on boast of different career expertise from the one on Crisis Group. If this crisscross identity is not suspicious, it poses a problematic cliffhanger.

Moreover, the Karl Johnson media personnel on Crisis Group is supposedly Colombian. His profile descriptor on the org shows that the account was created in 2018. If it turns out the two men are the same, it might mean that Karl Johnson’s Crisis Group profile was hastily created as a front. 

Additionally, ‘Kyle Johnson’ Google searches turn up Hollywood actors bearing the same name. The confusion about the identity of Bixy’s CEO could’ve been solved if it were available on the website. Either this is deliberate or Bixy Admin thinks its clients are familiar with its members.

See the next section of our Bixy Review for client reactions about the platform.

Bixy Review: Trust Scores across Reviews Online 

The chunk of positive reviews Bixy garners on Trust Pilot reflect a promoter’s marketing strategy. Most of the reviews converge on one point: Bixy is legit. 

Bixy Review: We cannot independently confirm these claims. It may be that the total positive scorecards culminate from Bixy affiliates on Trust Pilot. However, you can see a few dissents now and then. One Bivy investor bluntly puts down the platform’s crypto mining services as a scam.

Do we recommend that you invest in the platform? No. But we also do not wish to detract from Regardless, there is another red flag about the company that should worry an investor. The company name more than 99% mimics Bixby, a Samsung product.

The company name mimicry, coupled with Bixy CEO Identity puzzle, scratches a shady layer to the platform. Why is Bixy using copy-cat naming tactics for both CEO and company? As far as decentralized finance is involved, hiding broker IDs is a sure sign of a scam.

Bixy Products & Services

Bixy Review: the Bixy website features a product list on a tartan-like page. Below are the available Bixy packages you can earn from:

Bixy Points

Bixy Offers

Shop & Save

Rewards, etc.

Bixy Rewards

Bixy Review: the company offers rewards depending on a few criteria. From the website, Bixy states that you can redeem only one reward per referral. Also, each reward is a stand-alone offer. You can only get more rewards after redeeming the first.

Further, the Bixy rewards apply to newbies only. Clients vying for other packages on the website are not eligible for the promo.

Gifting points will earn you some percentage cuts from fixed product prices on the website. They proceed from 20, 50, 50, to 100, etc.

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How to Register

The Bixy website offers registration/sign-up methods through email or Google mail. Apart from an assertion to protect personal information, Our Bixy Review finds nothing more about the website.

Usually, the sign-in procedure can be relied on to reveal more about the website. Yet, the little About Us detail on the platform does not confirm this view.

Bixy Blog

Bixy Review: the Bixy website features a blog. But like most of its services, the blogs do not discuss any crypto-mining services from any Defi network. The recent post, at the time of publishing this article, attempts to raise awareness about personal info hijack from big companies. Is Bixy making an excuse for its empty website? 

Much of the  posts on Bixy refer to more detailed articles from credible sites. Its checked invectives against control phantoms do not make up for its obvious lack of crypto mining posts. One post, tagged a Bixy Digital Dive, only runs for a few minutes. It doesn’t say anything about Defi crypto farms run by Bixy.


Instead of focusing on the services it offers to clients, the Bixy blogs deflects attention to information control gimmicks. Many scam websites feature articles that are irrelevant to their stated services. Bixy Review: Is this the same in Bixy’s case?

Additionally, the company website does not even discuss the crypto trading networks that Bixy operates. Bixy’s YouTube presence only alludes to the company’s visions, the same as the website. None of these fronts contains any information about the Bixy crypto mining gig.

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