Bixo Trade Review | Packages, Referral, Commissions, Bixo Trade CEO

Bixo Trade is an MLM digital crypto-trading company. Our BixoTrade Review discusses the Packages, Referral Commissions, Bonuses accruing to you based on downlines, and about Bixo Trade Company CEO. Get the information you need to determine how credible this investment company is.

This Bixo Trade Review will tell you more about the platform and how you can invest in any of its packages with small capital.

Previously posing as a privately-owned company run by Benjamin Gimson, Bixo Trade suddenly reverts to the MLM trademark anonymity of using proxy CEOs. See the following section of this BixoTrade Review for more information about the CEO of the company.

Bixo Trade Review: CEO, Bixo Trade Company

The CEO position in the Bixo Trade Company seems to be up for grabs. Barely a day after a character posing on YouTube posed as the CEO of Bixo Trade, the Company spread a different piece of news. It publishes a different name as the CEO of Bixo Trade.

Also, the Company has few offices offering similar products on different continents. Since one of these office locations includes an address in Australia, many investors feel that Bixo Trade may turn out a scam. The reason is that Australia has weak regulations easily providing hide-outs for Ponzi scheme investment companies.

You can also check for the Company address on the official Bixo Trade website. However, it helps to have enough purview of your investment portfolio before putting your capital in a company.

Moreover, our Bixo Trade Review highlights that BixoTrade offers investment packages in cryptocurrency, provides advice on crypto trade, and proposes to offer other packages through its crypto rigs and Bixo Mining facilities. Despite this catalog of earning avenues, BixoTrade currently bears the brunt of criticism and scam alerts online and offline.

Additionally, this Bixo Trade Review learns that the company has a new website different from Bixo Trade in everything except in the contents and services it offers customers.

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Bixo Trade Review: Earning Options on Bixo Trade

Besides the usual Bixo Trade Packages, you can also get Referral Commissions from the company through downlines. You can see the referral hierarchy below:

(Our BixoTrade Review gathers that the Company, like other MLM platforms, remits as high as 15% bonus to the peak referral hierarchy)


To get on this level, you need to register on the website. Then opt for an affiliate system. Finally, the BixoTrade rewards you a 3% bonus for starters.


Here, a customer requires at least one (1) referral to begin. The requisite referral bracket is one to five persons. And you can earn an 8% referral bonus.


You can refer six (6), highest twenty-five (25), people to the BixoTrade website to qualify for the Gold level. It also remits 10% referral bonuses.


The Diamond Level is a top chain value on the BixoTrade referral system. To join this level, you will refer twenty-six (26) – seventy-five (75) people to the BixoTrade website. The company then pays you a 12% referral bonus.


Platinum offers the highest referral bonus. All you need to get on this level is to refer at least seventy-five (75) people to BixoTrade. Subsequently, you become entitled to a 15% Referral bonus from the platform.

Bixo Trade Review: Packages and Accruing Profits

With the information in our BixoTrade Review, you can access these BixoTrade Packages and their accruing profits below:

  • Package 1 _ pays 400% cumulative profits after the maturity period at $100 – $4 999 entry price.
  • Package 2 _ pays 450% cumulative profits after the maturity period at $5 000 – $24 999.
  • Lastly, the Package 3 investment cache pays a 500% profit pile accruing over the requisite maturity period. To invest in this package, you need an amount between $25 000 and $99 990.

Bixo Trade Downlines: Binary Team Commissions

This section of our Bixo Trader Review concerns the Binary Team Commissions available on the platform. 

By splitting each of your subsidiary binary teams into two more teams, and then continuing the process progressively, Bixo Trade allots specific commissions to you.

Also, you can earn more profits using the accruing profits from your Binary Teams than investing in a small-capital Package in BixoTrade. The process also allows for organic growth with each team branching out into two more teams. Interestingly, the Company does not curtail the extent of downlines you can get through this BixoTrade Team.

Further, your profit reflects the spread of your binary teams. The larger the downlines listed in your binary legs, the higher your profits. Your residual commission through this scheme shows your Binary Team pile-up. And this comprises 10% of remittances from your weaker Binary Leg.

Additionally, you can work on your Binary teams by actively referring investors to register on a package. You will steal make indirect profits from their referrals, though.

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Bixo Trade Rewards

Here, you can check out the rewards accruing to specific Binary Team sizes.

Our BixoTrade Review compiled the Reward Programs on Bixo Trade below:

  • Rolex Watch _ for total binary team volumes reaching at least $500 000 on your two Binary Sides. 
  • Ninja H2 Carbon Motorcycle _ for total binary team volumes exceeding $1 000 000 on the two sides.
  • Gold valued at $50 000 _ for $1 500 000 total binary team volumes on each of your Binary Side.
  • Porsche 718 Spyder _ for $2 000 000 binary team volumes on each of your Binary Side.
  • Condominium ($300 000) _ you can get this reward when you have at least $5 000 000 on your two binary sides. 


According to the available information in our Bixo Trade Review, BixoTrade may be another MLM Company offering a Ponzi scheme earning structure to the undiscerning public.

Since BixoTrade offers no tangible products, its services are accessible through a privately managed digital dossier. By all indications, this is not the typical risk a credible business offers customers. Also, coupled with the high ROI available on Bixo Trade, the Company office location is unreliable. It is also very likely that the company will not pay 450% ROIs for long.

Check the website for more information


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