BitMonelo Review | RTZ.y Crypto Trading Algorithm, Legit or Scam?

BitMonelo Review: with live stats to prove the efficiency of its RTZ.y crypto trading algorithm, it poses as a high-tech crypto investment hub. BitMonelo offers a typical 24/7 trading time that covers deposits/withdrawals and accompanying customer support systems. 

To cap the productivity of its supposed bot-trader program, BitMonelo promises 11% Return on Investments (ROIs). But it does not publish any evidence that it makes good on this promise.

The company does not provide any shred of license or SEC regulation. Since its CEO is unanimous, the website offers no tangible background information.

Why is evidence necessary? Let’s find out in this BitMonelo Review.

BitMonelo Review: Overview

BitMonelo Review: bar an effusive request for investments in the Reddit crypto community, the platform only cursorily explains some services it offers. Although the services don’t stand-in for a description of the company, they impliedly explain major aspects of BitMonelo.

On the About Us web page, BitMonelo explains that the bedrock of its profits is a high-frequency crypto bot-trader. All remittals depend on the speed and volume of transactions by the BitMonelo RTZ.y trader.

Also, the company offers effective crypto trade brokerage overseen in the following suites:

  1. Pro-Management Team
  2. Unbeatable Guaranteed Interests
  3. Excellent Customer Support
  4. And Global Affiliate Bonus Program.

Further, our BitMonelo Review finds real-time stats on the website that supposedly shows total investors, withdrawals, and deposits. All trade activities depend on an eight days’ calendar. But that is where all explanations as to its services end. 

The RTZ.y bot is a closely kept secret, presumably. But if it handles securities, then BitMonelo will have to provide a trade license to investors. Does it provide a license on its website?

See the following section of this BitMonelo Review for details.

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BitMonelo Review: Unregulated Crypto Trading Brokerage

Instead of a softcopy of its regulation by appropriate agencies, the BitMonelo website bears a copy of the company’s incorporation by a conglomerate group.

As seen on the website, BitMonelo is incorporated by a New Zealand umbrella investment company, Bit Group Limited, on September 21, 2020. However, the website contains only a recent copy of the certificate dated June 10, 2021.

BitMonelo provides an external registered office address to clients. It reads 27 Mount St. John Avenue, Epsom, Auckland, 1051, New Zealand.

Besides its affiliations and unverified office address, nothing else vouches for the worth of BitMonelo services. Often crypto investment platforms try to evade a request for SEC regulation by claiming to offer OTC services on a blockchain. But our BitMonelo Review found the following words on the BitMonelo website.

…a team of professionals and an online platform for generating income from investing in cryptocurrency mining

As we hinted at in the previous section, the so-called RTZ.y bot trader handles investors’ securities. As such, it will have to operate under the regulation of appropriate SEC firms in New Zealand. Note that the certificate of incorporation published on the website does not replace this trade license.

Moreover, there are EU arms with foresight on the nuances of securities trading on Defi chains. A shrewd client would naturally expect evidence of regulation by one of these firms from BitMonelo. Of course, he would not get his wish. Why?

Because our BitMonelo Review finds, the platform is unregulated.

See the following section of this BitMonelo Review for the payment method on the platform.

Payment Method

Hinting it’s still a work in progress, BitMonelo accepts payment in fiat or cryptocurrencies. The supported crypto coins are as shown below:

  1. Bitcoin,
  2. Litecoin,
  3. Bitcoin Cash,
  4. Etherum, and finally
  5. Dash.

Information on the withdrawal/deposit aspect is available to signed-up BitMonelo customers.

Also, the investment amount on the platform ranges from a threshold of 25USD to a maximum deposit blotted by ink on the website.

See the affiliate package in the following section of this BitMonelo Review.

BitMonelo Affiliate Plans

BitMonelo Review: investment on the platform is curtailed for three membership caches. Below is how the BitMonelo Affiliate packages work:

Advance Plan ($3000-$100000) _ remits 11% ROIs over a forty-five days’ validity period.

Popular Plan ($1500-$2999) _ remits 9% ROIs over a forty-five days’ validity period.

Basic Plan ($25-$1499) _ pays 7% ROIs over a forty-five days’ work period.

Moreover, the company offers affiliate bonuses to spur the referral cache of its services. Also, most investments are explained only after a customer signs up on BitMonelo. One of the client-specific packages on the website is discussed in the following section of this BitMonelo Review.

Invite Links

Once logged in, a client can access a peripheral section for downlines and referring people to the platform.

Also, one of the BitMonelo clients suggests that the company lists accruing referral bonuses per affiliate level. Based on the model, all bonuses reflect referral volumes culminating from a members’ downlines.

BitMonelo Review: the organization also provides requisite banner ads and PR tools for promoters. However, it does not indicate any matching bonus for these tasks on the website.

BitMonelo Review: Credibility

We conclude our BitMonelo Review with the following points.

BitMonelo is an unregulated crypto investment avenue. It says nothing substantial about its bot trader. Instead of an overview of so-called RTZ.y, BitMonelo merely describes high-frequency crypto trading.

Its office address is a ruse for a major rip-off through its Ponzi investments. How does it work?

A random broker makes an unverified statement claiming it owns an offshore mining rig. It then provides a website offering membership options while claiming to run an RTZ.y mining bot. Without a license and background admin info, it bilks investors of their funds and escapes into thin air. That broker is 100% like BitMonelo.

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