BitLocity Review | BTCs for a $25 Annual BitLocity Membership, Credibility

BitLocity Review: for a $25 annual membership fee, you earn remittals in bitcoin through BitLocity’s affiliate program and blockchain tutorial. Following a rewarding start as a blockchain educational platform, BitLocity gears operations towards launching its crypto coin.

For most people, the big deal is the pricing category where they can access BitLocity’s memberships tallied to entry prices.

Naturally, these prospective clients wonder at the thrust of BitLocity’s blockchain rhetoric, they want to know how credible the company is, and they want all the information they can get about BitLocity.

If you are looking for more information about this platform, you can read our BitLocity Review. We explain the typical MLM commissions accruing a member, special treats like the Silver & Gold gifting cache, and how credible BitLocity is in this article. You can read on for more information.

BitLocity Review: Overview

BitLocity is not one of the early starters in the field of blockchain tech education, although it has links to Qtrex, a bitcoin MLM forerunner. Regardless, its key PR person, Mark Hamlin strikes as the experienced MLM trader given the pace of BitLocity’s activities under him.

Bar this information, it is unofficial that Hamlin is the owner of the platform.

Our BitLocity Review finds that the company updates clients on BitLocity events via a video on the website. In this video, the company admins are impliedly former operators _ co-workers, at least _ of Qtrex, a faux bitcoin investment niche.

Notwithstanding its lackluster Qtrex start, the anonymous admins now provide BitLocity as a supposedly better and efficient blockchain investment platform.

In this light, BitLocity seems the perfect tool to nitpick Qtrex misses. The question is, what does it target? Funds, or legit blockchain earning opportunity.

These PR career trends in MLM businesses hardly bode well for investors. Here is why.

Mark Hamlin, while drilling clients on BitLocity Prices, does not share details of the company history. Also, he is alleged to be a PR front for other crypto earning avenues.

Typically, the best approach to introducing an audience to a project is to mention its previous successes. Hamlin only cares about the influx of funds, apparently, or he might’ve built investors’ trust using his career history.

Our BitLocity Review does not find any trace of other key persons of the company. Multi-level marketing promoters favor this style of business.

See how to participate in an affiliate program in the next section of this BitLocity Review.

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BitLocity Review: Membership Criteria

The title header of this article hints at bitcoin gains for a mere $25 entry fee. However, this amount only gets a client the Bronze package on the company.

The chunk of remittals pivots on a BitLocity Package that is tallied to $189,000 in fiat.

You can see the list of affiliate packages in the following section.

Affiliate Packages

BitLocity Review: supposedly, transactions in BTC are not full-blown on the platform. So, the following affiliate/membership packages are available at the pegged prices in USD.

Crown Ambassador _ sells for $100,000

Ambassador _ sells for $50,000

Blue Diamond _ available for $20,000

Double Diamond _ available for $10,000

Diamond _ available for $5000

Emerald _ you can get the package for $2000

Sapphire _ you can get the package for $1000

Ruby _ sells at $750

Amber _ sells at $500

Pearl _ available for $200

Platinum _ available for $100

Gold _ the package is available for $75

Silver _ also, this package is available for $50

Bronze, the lowest tier package on BitLocity, sells for $25 (as we mentioned in the previous section.

The following section of this BitLocity Review culminates in our view about the legitimacy of the company. Read on for more information.

Credibility: Shuffled Matrix, another Ponzi?

Although it poses as a cutting-edge blockchain trader, BitLocity props its compensation matrix scheme using funds shuffled from the Gold tier and higher hierarchies. This is regardless of a previous fee.

Our BitLocity Review finds that the matrix is a typical downline lattice. BitLocity’s 3 by 1 matrix branches out in threes from a primal one unit entrant, with every branch signifying a different level.

Also, it is this lattice that hatches any publicized jackpot remittals affiliates make on BitLocity. It is how clients earn passively. Impliedly, there is no investment in any blockchain tech.

Further, competition is spurred by the fact that BitLocity offers extra chippings to top-tier investors. These extras are clipped from lower hierarchies, of course.

The company relies on the sustainability of this matrix to stay buoyant. So, it throws in more incentives for investors by shuffling a $10 bonus through affiliate packages in the range of Gold-Crown Ambassador. 

Moreover, the rows in a member’s matrix cycler reflect his investment level. In effect, your funds ping-pongs as small tokens through a compensation crisscross back to you. This is the description of a Pyramid scheme.

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