BitLocity Owner | BitLocity Admin Info, Legit or Boris CEOs?

BitLocity Owner: as the company offers gifting props, as much as a 9% bonus, to top investors, prospective clients might want some info about the admin.

Despite there not being any information about the BitLocity Owner on the official website,, various sources speculate details of the CEO. In many of these reports, the top candidates for a CEO option are often Mark Hamlin, who appears in BitLocity videos, and David Goodenough, whose LinkedIn profile suggests as much. 

Without official statements from BitLocity on this topic, there is no spine to these arguments, although it has traces of truths. Also, judging from Mark Hamlin’s reference to possible owners of BitLocity in a proprietorial tone, he may be CEO of the company.

But first, let us share some details of the company’s affiliate program and how its investments work. See more information below.

BitLocity Owner: Overview of Company

Due to its lack of Admin Info, the BitLocity website does not reveal much about the company. A video on the site contains some nuggets of information about possible BitLocity operators, though. 

Briefly, investments on the platform supposedly run on a blockchain where it fetches remittals for all investor cache. In this way, BitLocity can award bonuses to hierarchies above the Gold Package. Other remittals are paid out as percentage profits in the BitLocity Compensation Plan.

But as the BitLocity Owner is unknown, a client might’ve been the better for any proof of SEC regulation from the company. At least, it guarantees the sustainability of its towering 3 by 1 matrix cycler (the referral compensation lattice). 

Also, a regulation from appropriate authorities ensures fair play for all parties. If BitLocity defaults on payments, it is then culpable for indemnification offenses in court. However, it turns out that this essential clause is trumped by the usual decentralized service logic since BitLocity transacts in BTCs.

The alleged Defi status of BitLocity investments leaves loopholes for rip-offs without consequent litigation. How?

Multi-level marketing networks typically start with an affiliate program. Then they announce the launch of a valueless cryptocurrency tradeable on an obscure counter. While clients fixate on the value of the token, their MLM cum broker will announce a hack and close cash-out options. And that is the end of the business. 

Already, BitLocity shows this trend. Its compensation model awards bonuses to top investors. But as there is no proven blockchain investment on the platform, the payment structure might well be a pyramid scheme.

Further, the company has only been able to offer tutorials on Blockchain. Mark Hamlin often hits on the topic in videos. Regardless, there is no evidence of any all-in-one investments on BitLocity yet.

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The Big Deal: 3 by 1 Matrix Cycler

Whoever the BitLocity Owner is, he only concerns himself with the intricacies of Bitlocity 3 by 1 cycler so far. Apparently, that bit takes precedence over any scheduled Defi trade by the company. So how does it work? See a summary below.

The cycler starts with an affiliate at the top of the investment chain. BitLocity awards three (3) referral units to the affiliate on the first level. The second level gets nine (9) unis, three (3) for every unit on the first level. Subsequently, other levels are generated in the same method.

Afterward, the company pays compensations depending on the affiliate’s referral volume. This volume reflects the pile-up of downline investments.

See the next section for details about the possible BitLocity Owner.

Who Runs BitLocity?

Officially, the answer to this question is undecided, as the Bitlocity website does not mention a CEO.

Elsewise, the CEO is either Mark Hamlin or the unknown declarant with the LinkedIn account, David Goodenough. The latter strikes as an alias, however, so Mark stands out as the only viable option.

Also, there is a chance that BitLocity is run jointly by a team rather than an individual. Hamlin hints at this possibility when he mentions that BitLocity is poised to offer intended services. He delivered the line in the first person plural.

Finally, the best guess as per the owner of BitLocity is Mark Hamlin. Why? He already has a record to match. Mark is pro for Forsage and other MLM businesses. Likely, Goodenough is a ruse, a mask for a BitLocity admin with an unsavory history brokering crypto deals for Ponzi MLMs.

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