Bitcoin Lifestyle Review | Software Generates Dollars? Credibility

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review: although it is not the first bot to offer passive incomes to clients, Bitcoin Lifestyle promises 60% reliability.

The software has a corresponding mobile app for users. We take it the app has all the requisite market analytics as to the entire crypto trading fixture on the website. So, Bitcoin Lifestyle is so confident of its skills it could offer a mobile app.

Is there any shred of evidence that the platform is legit? Perhaps, the storied software is another pose from uncredited crypto traders?

Going by the prevalent reactions online, the app might well be a scam. Regardless, a section of these writers from the Philippines preferred an eighty percent (80%) trust score for news.

We attempt to explain the issues about this software, including how it compares to known scam bot traders in this post.

If your goal is to determine the truth of this claim, read this article for enlightenment.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review: Bit of History, Benefits

Information about Bitcoin Lifestyle and its software are incongruous and unspecific.

One noticeable thing about the incoherent one-page website ( is that it communicates in the passive voice where facts matte, which can be off-putting for many people.

For the years we have been in the market, we have helped a lot of our users become wealthy.

The best way too cliché this might’ve been to include references and links to the said achievement. But the clip above, like most of the assertions you will encounter on the site, lacks any backing.

Also, explaining the background of a company in the passive voice could give the impression of evasion. Bitcoin Lifestyle might not intend to do any of the above mistakes, but it leaves a suspicious cloud by not explaining things clearly. Suppose we call it an oversight, then we have to deal with a hastily created bot handling funds.

Ignoring the above blips, we now briefly explain the supposed benefits of this software.

Right off the bat, the product guarantees, albeit without committing to any binders, that sixty percent (60%) of the generated trades are profitable. 

Impliedly, you get twice the value of your deposits after only one trade day. Our Bitcoin Lifestyle Review finds that the platform immediately follows up the offer with the caveat below.

Please note that bitcoin trading can be highly risky. Invest wisely!

  • Also, the 60% is not based on calculable stats/analytics (at least, there is no evidence of this on the website). You will have to take their word for it.
  • You do not have to monitor the trades every time.
  • Reportedly, it is voted the best by the UTA (?) (US Trading Association)
  • Further, it supposedly earns you $1,100 at minimum per day.
  • See what our Bitcoin Lifestyle Review makes of these figures below.

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Earlier Brands of Bitcoin Lifestyle

Like we mentioned previously, we try to compare the information on the website about the algorithm with other bot traders. The object is to find similarities between the app and other functional or dysfunctional software for crypto trades.

As it happens, Bitcoin Lifestyle appears to be the same as notorious Ponzi outings like Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Era.

You can match the brands by comparing their PR vids, pictures, and sales cliché. The data invariably pin the seemingly different businesses to the same ambiguous, backstage owners.

For one, the many faces of Bitcoin Lifestyle partly account for its evading having to provide rather valuable information about its history. Instead, the site focuses on what you can earn, how you can make a profit, and how much you can stake. That is barely a handful of details for any business.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Reliable?

Do we recommend the app for you? No. Here are the prominent reasons.

Scant Information

The first persuasion any trader requires is transparency. Bitcoin Lifestyle offers precious little information to pass for anything but a transparent platform.

Unaudited Bot trader

Besides posting reliable stats and verifiable trade analytics on its site, legit platforms also link to an audit. Where an audit is not readily available, a voucher is available. Our Bitcoin Lifestyle Review does not find any audit on the site.

Unverifiable Trades

Of course, this bit is the most neglected aspect of investing your cryptocurrencies (or fiat) with an algorithmic trader. You cannot verify that the analytics are accurate any more than you can get honest support service from a scam broker.

The pattern involves setting a small commission (Bitcoin Lifestyle takes only 1%) for clients, then proposing turns of unwieldy investments for clients. Bitcoin Lifestyle takes the method one step farther than the rest: it attempts to convince the newbie by offering a demo.

Since it cuts a poor image for a crypto trader, Bitcoin Lifestyle does more beguiling than persuasion.

Moreover, the increasing negative feedbacks about the platform decides the matter: Bitcoin Lifestyle is a scam.

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