Bismart Review | Play & Share Videos for Profits | Is Bismart Legit?

Bismart Review: it promises 300 points as weighted ROI for sharing a sponsored video to your social media account and ₦150 when you log in.

It sounds like an absurd investment, doesn’t it? That’s not all, though. Some PRs encourage users to ignore the parts that don’t add up and stick with the profits. But how long will it last?

We’ll start our Bismart Review on this note _

The official bismart affiliate website isn’t optimized for Google Rank, although it uses affiliates to spur recruitments and activity on its platform.

Also, Bismart is a deliberate attempt to spoof the tech and ICT utility company that has a Crunchbase account. Some websites often do this to beguile people. But the thing is that the bonus-sharing bismart ng plug is a far cry from the legit company with years of credible business history.

The most pressing issue is that the company doesn’t have any verifiable roadmap. It isn’t the first high yield program platform to promise ROIs for referrals.

You can check DevRacksterli, Wales Kingdom, and Pilvest. None of these sites are legit, and each owner has stashed enough funds from the sham. Pilvest was closed and profiled by the Nigerian SEC for securities. Dev Racksterli ran bankrupt and claimed it was hacked, despite the founder buying a G-Wagon in the same year.

Just like the others in the throng, Wales Kingdom is currently taking media kickbacks for trust fraud (419 in Nigerian parlance).

However, Gainvest and Bismart seem determined to offer the same fruitless deals as these scams.

It only offers one deal on the get-go, “play & share videos and win 300 points.” Also, you earn ₦150 every day when you log in to your Bismart Account.

Are these legit offers? Find out in this article.

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Bismart Review: How does it Work?

Experienced MLM vendors already know how this goes. However, here is a brief explanation for newbies.

As an affiliate, you can earn from four avenues in this program _

  1. Referral Bonus (pays fixed returns per day);
  2. Compensation and Tier bonuses;
  3. Cycle/spin earnings;
  4. Downline commissions.

The above channels are typical MLM sales pitches. We’ll take them in step.

Referral Bonus

It’s a fixed rate payable daily as long as the affiliate continues to build his referral downline at the same rate.

However, some MLM platforms pay referral bonuses per day on all activated accounts. So, you do not need to refer anyone to accumulate monthly ROIs off this deal. Our Bismart Review finds the following criteria for earning on the platform, though.

You will have to repost a shared Bismart article, or video or do an intro on social media adding your referral link to the uploaded content. Then, Bismart pays you ₦1600 for anyone that signs up using your link.

Also, the platform builds your referral downline through this process. That is where the Compensation and tier bonus comes into play.

Bismart Review: Compensation and Tier Bonuses

You can earn profits from your downlines by crossing threshold profit levels.

MLM vendors have a target downline stack they attempt to reach. It, in turn, qualifies him for tier bonuses and affiliate compensations.

Every time your downlines reach a set volume, the spillover is shuffled to the tier bonus level, which then pays you compensation. The same thing applies to the Cycle/Spin option. Below is how it works.

Cycle/Spin Profits

The cycle/spin profits work similarly to the tier bonuses except for one detail _ you do not have to move to a special level to earn it.

Once your downline exceeds the set levels, the binary (or unilevel) team grid flushes earnings on one team (the left one), paying you percentage bonuses on levels 1, 2, 3 to n (n is the last level).

Here is how a binary team works _

The affiliate’s personally recruited members fill the First Level. The First Level referrals boot the Second Level by recruiting people to invest in Bismart. Subsequently, the recursive arrangement yields a typical MLM binary compensation grid.

A unilevel lattice works the same way but doesn’t split the downlines into teams.

Downline Commissions

Bismart Ng Com promises that affiliates will earn up to seventy-two percent (72%) returns on the site.

Moreover, the sponsored posts seem to touch on these areas _

  • Video Editing Class (15000BPT),
  • Copywriting Class (20000 BPT),
  • WhatsApp TV Start Up Class (15000 BPT),
  • Graphics Design Class (20000 BPT), and
  • Mini Importation Class (15000 BPT).

Although it claims to offer MAJORLY skills acquisition, Bismart obviously focuses primarily on the affiliate/MLM side. Is it reliable? See the following section of this Bismart Review.

Is Bismart Legit?

The answer is NO.

No sustainable passive business offers 72% ROI even on the whole profit options. But here, you see Bismart offering the same return on only the referral cycle. It’s a no-brainer that anyone should see.

Besides, why does the site have a misleading name, trying to drive traffic by mimicking It is a red flag.

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