Best Social Media Apps You Are Probably Unaware Of

You must have tried at least one best social media apps. Or maybe you have been using the popular platforms for quite some time and now you want to see what else is out there.

Well, just so you know, there is a pool of other social media platforms out there, waiting for you to explore. And trust us when we say this, these apps are extremely underrated.

These apps offer a wide range of exciting features that can make you scroll through them for hours.

So, if you are looking for trying your hands at these apps, then keep reading because in this article we are going to talk about the best social media apps you might be unaware of.

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With that being sorted out, let’s take a look at all the best underrated best social media apps you should start using from today.

1. Wattpad

If you are an active member of various online book clubs then you probably are already aware of Wattpad. However, if you are new to this platform, then let us enlighten you.

You see, reading and writing never go out of style. There is an elegance hidden in the act of sitting down in your room’s reading nook with your device in your hand and reading through different stories.

If the thought of this is already making you drool, then Wattpad is the perfect app for you. It is hands down one of the most favorite social media platforms for people who enjoy storytelling and reading. You can find a massive community of writers on this platform.

You can use it for both – reading and writing – purposes. Write your own story or fanfiction. Or if you are a reading enthusiast, then go through the endless list of exciting stories and poems published by other Wattpad writers.

You can also get in touch with other people who share the same interests as you. This is also a perfect opportunity for you to support other up-and-coming writers by expressing your views on their original stories or the fanfictions they have written.

2. Reddit

We have got to admit, you can find us down the rabbit hole of Reddit probably around midnight. I mean, who does not love to just get lost in the fascinating stories that keep you hooked for hours. Also, you can share information, views, and theories with other users as well. It is a world of its own.

Essentially, Reddit is open for open networking. You can share pictures, videos, links, and text messages. Once you publish your post here, other members can vote up or down, according to how much they like your content.

You can use this social media app to publish your content for free or you can even use it for marketing purposes to reach a greater audience. You can see what is trending in different communities online.

It allows you to explore topics such as Alternate Reality Games (ARG), Creepy Pasts, Urban Legends, Conspiracy Theories, and whatnot.

So, if you are one of those who like to pull an all-nighter while reading intriguing stories, then Reddit is definitely the right place for you.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is for those people who like to add a touch of aesthetics to their lives. Its appeal is undeniable. In simpler words, Pinterest is a visual social media app.

It is one of the most influential yet underrated ones. If you find the popular social media platforms more or less problematic or over the top sometimes, then Pinterest is probably a place to go to simply unwind and relax.

On this app, you can find over 750 million ideas for anything starting from arts to career choices. This app is unlike others.

You are not in the race to gain followers but at the same time, its algorithms make it incredibly effective for people who plan to use it as a tool for their business.

You can showcase your talent, skills, and products, and also build links with other people. It also allows you to share bits and pieces of different sets of information in the form of infographics.

Moreover, Pinterest lets you save “pins” (posts) for future reference.

In this way, you can build a whole board that comprises your life goals, aspirations, and everything that you plan to accomplish in life. Pinterest is for sure one app that brings sophistication to the world of social media.

To Sum Up

From reading other yet-to-published online authors to writing your own stories and poems, the above-mentioned social media platforms have everything to offer.

You can explore a whole new world there that is nothing like the popular social networking sites, which you will probably consider a breath of fresh air.

So, if you haven’t already, then sign up for these apps and experience this world by yourself.

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