Best Life Insurance Companies in Georgia in 2024 (See Details)

Best Life Insurance Companies in Georgia – Whether you’re reevaluating your needs or buying life insurance for the first time, it is always a good time to add life insurance to your financial plan.


Georgia residents have no shortage of options for life insurance. We evaluated key metrics and found that Core Bridge Financial, Pacific Life, Protective, and Symetra are the best life insurance companies in Georgia.

What Is the Average Cost of Life Insurance for Companies in Georgia?

Company Term Life Insurance

Policy Name

Minimum Face Amount Average Cost Per Month: Buyer Age 30, $250,000 For 20 Years AM Best Financial Strength Rating
Corebridge Financial Select-a-Term $100,000.00 $11.00 A (Excellent)
Pacific Life PL Promise Term $50,000.00 $11.00 A+ (Superior)
Protective Classic Choice Term $100,00.00 $11.00 A (Excellent)
Legal & General America OPTerm $100,000.00 $11.00 A (Excellent)
Penn Mutual Non-Convertible Term $250,000.00 $11.00 A+ (Superior)
Midland National Premier Term $100,000.00 $12.00 A+ (Superior)
SBLI SBLI Term Life $100,000.00 $12.00 A- (Excellent)


Best Whole Life Insurance Companies in Georgia

Whole life insurance offers some guarantees, like fixed premium payments and guaranteed cash value growth. But whole life is also one of the most expensive types of life insurance because of those guarantees. We identified the best whole life insurance companies in Georgia based on key metrics, including cost competitiveness and each company’s financial strength.

State Farm is the best whole life insurance company in Georgia, according to our analysis.

Company AM Best Financial Strength Rating Forbes Advisor Rating For Whole Life Insurance
State Farm A ++ (Superior) *****
Northwestern Mutual A++ (Superior) *******
Penn Mutual A+ (Superior) *******


Best Universal Life Insurance Companies in Georgia

Georgians who want the flexibility of adjustable premium payments and the opportunity for cash value growth should consider universal life insurance.

We identified the best universal life insurance companies in Georgia based on key metrics such as cost competitiveness and the reliability of the company’s policy illustrations. Penn Mutual is the best universal life insurance company in Georgia according to our analysis.

Best Senior Life Insurance Companies in Georgia

Age is a big factor when life insurance companies determine policy availability and premiums. That means, it can get more challenging and more expensive to find life insurance for seniors.

Georgia seniors should consider Protective, Pacific Life, Corebridge Financial, and Equitable for life insurance.

Best No-Exam Life Insurance Companies in Georgia

For young and healthy Georgia life insurance shoppers seeking easy coverage, no-exam life insurance offers the convenience of skipping the medical exam usually required by traditional life insurance. To help you find the best no-exam life insurance in Georgia, we assessed the price and coverage benefits of companies that sell no-exam policies.

How to Find the Best Life Insurance in Georgia

To find the best life insurance in Georgia, follow these tips:

  • Compare life insurance quotes from several life insurance companies to find the policy that best meets your needs.
  • Consider coverage features that are important to you, like life insurance riders and living benefits.
  • Ask about an accelerated death benefit, which allows you access to your death benefit while you’re still living, if you become terminally ill.
  • Ask about term life conversion options if being able to convert to a permanent policy later interests you.
  • Ask about the rules around renewing once the level term period ends.

Georgia Life Insurance Laws

Here are some important laws for Georgia life insurance shoppers to consider.

  • Life insurance laws are governed by Title 33 of the Georgia Code.
  • All policies have a 10-day free look period.
  • All policies have a 30-day grace period.
  • If a life insurance claim is not settled within 30 days, it will accrue interest from the date of the death.
  • Up to $300,000 guaranteed for lost death benefits per individual.


To find the best term life insurance in Georgia, we used our research and data provided by AccuQuote, a national online life insurance agency. AccuQuote has been in business for over 30 years and works only with insurance companies that have top financial strength ratings. We evaluated 20 companies on these measurements:

  • Cost (80% of score): Because price is the primary concern of many term life insurance shoppers, we gave weight to this category. We scored costs based on each company’s rates for 30- and 40-year-old men and women for 10, 20, and 30 terms and coverage amounts of $250,000, $500,000, $1 million, and $2 million.
  • Guaranteed renewability (10% of score): Companies earned points if their term life policies can be renewed at the end of the level term period.
  • Term life conversion (10% of score): Companies earned points if their term life policies can be converted to permanent life insurance.

Best Life Insurance in Georgia Frequently Asked Questions

Is life insurance more expensive in Georgia?

No, life insurance in Georgia is not more expensive than in other states. Location is generally not a factor considered by life insurance companies when they determine life insurance premiums.

How much per month is a million-dollar life insurance policy in Georgia?

A 30-year, $1 million coverage term life insurance policy costs around $45 per month, or $538 per year in Georgia, for a healthy female age 30. The same policy for a healthy male in Georgia costs $57 per month or $681 per year.



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