Important Benefit of Becoming a United States Citizen | At a Glance

Important Benefit of Becoming a United States Citizen: besides Hollywood and media hype, the United States holds truly fascinating prospects.

Welcome to our detailed article about some of the important benefits of becoming a United States citizen and how you can go about it.

Moreover, if you plan on immigrating to the United States in the future or you are currently in the United States, and you are interested in becoming a citizen in the future, here are some of the benefits you will be getting.

You might be aware of some of the Benefit of Becoming a United States Citizen, but we strongly recommend you read this article to the end to learn about other benefits.

Important Benefit of Becoming a United States Citizen

Without wasting much of your time, let’s move down to some of the importance of becoming a United States citizen. They include:

  • Serve on a jury
  • Easy to bring in your families to the United States
  • Traveling around the world with a United States passport
  • Get citizenship for your kids below 18 years
  • Can vote during us elections
  • Easily apply and get accepted for federal jobs

For foreign nationals, the path to getting united citizenship can be a very long and tough one to achieve due to the policies set by the United States government. But this journey is worth embarking on, considering the Benefit of Becoming a United States Citizen.

Moreover, a significant and common problem in the United States is the restriction of non-citizens to vote during elections. There has been much debate about this issue. The resolution is that the United States is a country for all. But unfortunately, this issue has been in existence for years, and there is no plans insight to put it to an end.

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Thinking of Applying for US Citizenship? Here is Why You Shouldn’t Wait

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait to apply for USA citizenship, and the major reason boils down to be able to vote and the benefits of voting during the USA elections.

Once you successfully secure a  USA citizenship, this is the time where you can decide the kind of life you want and that of your later generations. You will be allowed to vote and make an impact on decisions that will determine where your tax are spent, the minimum wage, and all.

Also, the United States is a country/nation bound by shared values of liberty, equality, and freedom and not by any race, ethnicity, or religion.

Over the past few years, many foreign nationals have successfully immigrated and acquired citizenship in the United States. Further, these foreign nationals are currently holding major roles in the United States today, and they have positively impacted the development of the state today.

Like we mentioned earlier, applying for United States citizenship can be very difficult to achieve, but it is worth’s it. It takes an average of about eight (8) months to get approval after you start the application.

Follow These Steps to Become a US Citizen by Naturalization

The first step towards being a citizen by naturalization. You can get it by completing a naturalization process. Also, it includes passing the naturalization test. The process includes:

  • Ascertain if you are already a citizen of the United States
  • Ascertain if you are eligible for us citizenship
  • Preparation of the Form N-400
  • Form N-400 submission and fee payment
  • Attending the biometric appointment
  • Completing the interview
  • Get an application decision from the United States citizenship immigration service.
  • Take the oath of allegiance to the United States.
  • Additionally, reading and understanding the responsibility of being a United States citizen also helps.

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