Be International Review | Subscribe and Sell Products, Legit or Scam?

Be International Review: the Be International Company says it strives to create tenable health-related market networks. It also intends to achieve this goal using several market heuristics

Our Be International Review looks at the Company’s services, its owners, background history, and attempts to determine if it’s legit or not.

Do you know about the Be International platform? Do you wish to know about its services, or more importantly, how credible they are? Then read this review so you can learn all you need to know about the organization.

Be International Review: Overview

Be International Review: besides a products category and several other caches offering marketable products, Be International website is a riot of colorful vision & goals pages. On a visit, you can try to learn what the Company does by clicking on the About Us page.

So, what does the Company do?

First, our Be International Review finds that the website is rid of bloated grammar. Although this sounds good, the plain lexis only paves way for a series of vague references to making lives better.

For instance, the plain-suits-wearing founders shown on the website explain that their technology-based products improve personal psyches.

This implies that you do not just derive physical benefits from the products (medicine?), but also better emotional essence. Granted this is even the case, does the Company publish qualifications or partnership with medical professionals? You cannot find the answer on the official website. Instead, Be International’s About Us page is one long ramble about wellbeing.

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 Be International Review: An MLM Platform?

If the question on your lips is whether Be International is a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) platform, the answer is yes. As seen on the official website

“Leverage the best of existing technologies to create sustainable wellness through quality products as well as effective marketing channels.”  

The Company feints with some ruse about technology, but then it focuses on marketing its products through effective marketing channels.

The marketing outlets would be the subscribers to Be International. After the entrance deal, the client can then earn from tallied percentage profits per product sold. Here the payment scheme is what matters. But also, you will have to buy the products you will market.

Be International Review: since Be International products might be expensive, retailers will earn from affiliate compensation schemes. Moreover, they can increase the digits by working up the referral rung.

See the next section of our Be International Review for the CEO of the Company.

Company CEOs/Owners

Ir. Lee Suet Sen, Ho Huey Chuin, and Karen Leong are the founders of the Be International Company. Also, Ir. Lee Suet Sen is an engineer with ten (10) years of experience, according to findings from Be International Review. 

Despite the available profile of the owners of the Company online, there is no record of their history selling health-related drugs. Also, as the drugs will be directly marketed by clients, it already jeopardizes the end-user’s health if the drugs are poorly handled.

Further, our Be International Review finds that the founders of the platform depended on MLM-style social media presence to market their products. What products does the online marketing platform offer clients? See the following section of our Be International Review.

Products & Services

Be International Review: keeping up with its vision to improve healthy living, the Be International org. offers products to help people globally. As it turns out, the products do not solve any health issues at all.

A few reviews about the Be International community shows that the company sells mainly two (2) products:



The L-Arginine and CoQ10-containing BEFIL plant extract supposedly provide general well-being to a consumer. Also, you can expect autoimmune defense improvements after taking SHIRUTO. How will it solve any issues in the immune system? Our Be International Review shows that it proposes to do this through a patented macrophage-boosting algorithm.

You can buy the products for the following prices:

RP RM354.00 (Code: BBF001) for BEFLIX

RP RM286.00 (Code: BST030) for SHIRUTO

Already, you can see that the prices are very high. 

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Possible Red Flags

The problem with the Be International Company, as other Review posts point out, is that it excuses its scam medicine front as help to humanity. The Company has been reviewed by experts on social media and it turns out that the Company is offering untenable earning options.

Also, how do the clients know that SHIRUTU stalls immune system defects if the product is still patented? 

Moreover, since the products are quite expensive, only a small section of the would-be customers can buy them. Others can then earn by working as affiliates to recruit people to the Be International platform.

Additionally, the website does not even publish any information that rends credence to its products. It also does not publish affiliate compensation structures.


To conclude this Be International Review, below are a few points you should note about the Company:

It is an MLM platform run by its Asian founders.

The organization offers expensive products that are not demonstrably effective.

Lastly, the Company’s business history contains little information about any credible business it may have handled. If you are already earning from investments on the website, you can tell us more about it in the comment box.

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