6 Comments on “Basadi Africa Projects Login | 40% ROI Primer for Women, or Scam?”

  1. morning
    Do you know anything about basadiafrica project ,if so please tell me about their where about ,their offices or any contact of them.it will be my pleasure if you can respond to this message,thank you.

    1. basadiafrica is an unregulated high ROI project. This means that they are operating illegal under the guise of being part of CSISC (Collective Investment Control Scheme Act). Usually, these kinds of scams operate anonymously for a while, then make some flimsy excuse and cut off affiliates from the backoffice. That’s the end of business.

      None of their online details are valid or useful ultimately. Don’t fall for their tricks. They cannot pay you such high returns.

    2. i have been with basadi investmet from 2019 till 2021, i have invested almost my savings money, they owe me R586000,00 I have made peace with it its a scam of a note

  2. At first, I thought this was true, I invested in
    Basadi Africa Projects, but the information I got from the site (I will drop the site link below) helped me out alot. It’s always good to take a proper review on platform like this before investing.

  3. Good day,dear brothers and sisters, we who lost millions of rand to that group call BAP, let us lift our head and seek help from the one above,time will heal our spirit ,because he is the one and the one only.nothing can run more than him and nothing can hide for him,let us con soul our self with the word of GOD from Psalm 9;9,JEREMIAH 17;9-11 and DIEMA{PROVE}20;21-23 if you believe in GOD please be comforted let`s keep on praying our almighty will hear us one day.

  4. Speaking out of experience, basadi Africa project is quite a scam, reviews from site like the one attached to this comment will help you to make wise decision before investing in any platform.

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