Bamboo App| Invest In Nigerian Stocks Using Bamboo

Bamboo App allows myriads of Nigerian entrepreneurs to invest in the NSE and to enjoy unlimited access to other business opportunities using the platform.

If you are new to the Bamboo App, we would like to point out that this online trade platform has touched down on the shores of Nigeria. And it also avails you a chance to invest in the US stock market.  

So many youths are looking for high-performance business links where they can carry out investments and expect due returns at low risk. If you are one of these youths, then Bamboo App is what you are looking for.

You do not need many materials to get started, just your mobile device or PC, and verified BVN with any Nigerian Bank.

As a plus, this platform also insures customers for as high as $500 000. Do not hesitate to start on the app today.

What the Bamboo App is All About

As we already hinted at above, Bamboo App is an online trade platform providing investment opportunities for millennials who are looking to profit from transactions on the U.S stocks and bonds. 

Also, the ease of doing this cannot be over-emphasized. By using just their computers or mobile devices, Nigerian entrepreneurs can trade stocks even in the comfort of their homes.   

Bamboo Company was founded by Yanmo Omorogbe and Richmond Bassey (who is also the company’s CEO) in 2017. The company headquarters is in Austin, Texas.

Building on their reputation, the company has gone ahead to forge a partnership with Lambeth Capital, Flutterwave, and DriveWealth. 

 Amount Required To Get Started On Bamboo App 

Unlike many platforms that require so many details, you can start with a mere $20 having first acquired your BVN.

The platform accepts multiple account funding using the Dollar and Naira options on the Bamboo App. This increases your chances of clinching big wins from the Stock Exchange and the ETFs. 

There are even guides that newbies will find invaluable on the app. Look up more information, including how to track your investment, HERE.

Bamboo Company Financial Security 

Users are assured of Bank-Level Security while using the app. 

The company avails business opportunities to brokers and fund managers, proving the Bamboo App has the right financial security.

The credibility of this company is stamped by the fact that it is registered with the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission. They also work with brokerages that are affiliated with the US Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIP).

This ensures your investment for as high as $500 000.


This platform has constantly received high ratings from users. It is worth the bother, in case you plan to trade in US stocks.

Kindly share your experience with the app and your views about it in the comment section below.

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