B-Tradeinvestment Review | AI Bot Trade Signal Provider, Legit or Scam?

B-Tradeinvestment Review: it is the typical story of an advanced AI/bot optimizing trades for increased profits _ without proof.

BTI (short for B-TradeInvestment) does not provide any publicly-verifiable information about the company business roadmap on the website. It also does not mention any executives, PR fronts, or CEOs. So, what’s the game?

You can cut a chunk from the profit block run by BTI (according to the site) if you are looking for a passive income. So, the big deal is easy money, at the expense of renewable computing power operated from the backend.

Investors buy into an in-platform algorithm that analyzes and provides the best trade signals (long or short term).

The algorithm supposedly samples daily market data from a real-time, broad economy, leveraging maths to perform valuational, fundamental, and conduct analysis. Cue some glance at AI pattern recognition, with another vague take about proprietary analysis.

BGI has lots of explaining to do. Otherwise, the AI pitch won’t catch on since many passive income earners won’t take a math abstract for insurance.

As it happens, the company does not even have any publicly accessible audit of any concluded trade. Until a real-time market data simulation audit is available, BTI remains an affiliate dashboard primer.

Can you earn any passive income from the website? Well, you reference an online poll on the question. But the result remains that BTI is unreliable or an outright scam at worst. What with the feedback about 20000 EUR scams via the company! 

Read on below for more details.

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B-Tradeinvestment Review: About the Website

B-Tradeinvestment Overview

The website does not have any valuable information. It is fraught with loads of takes on math and whatnot without getting to the advertised trades.

Our B-Tradeinvestment Review does not find any information about the operators on the site. So, BGI is not only an AI-profit provider but also an anonymous bot marketer.

Speaking of bots, its legitimacy in the context of public subscription plans constitutes a security offering. However, there is no proof of any registration with a regulator. (This is the most conspicuous clue of scam, regardless of IPO or private listing)

The thing about B-Tradeinvestment is subtlety. It doesn’t cost much to join the platform. However, some contortions are yet visible in the general investment schema.

Point in case: no copies of any bot trader

You will have to sign up on the website to access the concluded trades and current real-time charts. If anything, requesting compliance before basic trade evidence is provided is a disingenuous gimmick. 

Regardless of the subscription package, a softcopy of goings-on is a top priority for any transparent business. Our B-Tradeinvestment Review does not find such features on the site.

See the unit below for the B-Tradeinvestment membership subscription plans.

Note: we did see a one-time 30-day Free Trial on the website. So, here are the plans.

Membership Subscription

Starter (1.5% returns) _ available at $100-$4999 for thirty days

Amateur (2% returns) _ available at $5000-$9999 for thirty (30) days

Professional (3% returns) _ available at $10000-$49999 for thirty (30) days

Master (5% returns) _ available at $50000-$99999 for thirty (30) days

Diamond (8% returns) _ available for thirty (30) days at $100000-$500000

Moreover, none of the quoted prices includes fees and processing charges. Prospective investors can request a pricing draft from CS (if B-Tradeinvestment has one).

B-Tradeinvestment provides a three-cache trade strategy.

 Strategy A (Long and Short) offers margin buying powers for trading stocks, futures, bonds, options, and currencies; its advertised average trades/year is 100-300 (remits 36.1%).

Strategy B (Long and Short) offers the same securities as A and includes ETHs. Also, it trades 50-150 on a yearly average (remits 30.6%).

Further, Strategy C (Long and Short) offers typical securities and trades 50-150 times on average per year (remits 25.4%).

Strategy D (Long and Short) offers typical securities and trades 30-90 times on balance per year (remits 20.5%).

Strategy E (Long and Short) offers typical securities and trades 10-30 times on average per year (remits 15.6%).

Note that none of the quoted averages account for fees and processing charges.

So, can you make any profit from this company then? Of course, the answer is NO. See the following section of our B-Tradeinvestment Review for details.

Conclusion: Is B-Tradeinvestment Scam or Legit?

B-Tradeinvestment Review: should you invest your money?

Like we mentioned in the previous section, the answer is NO. Here is why.

Why would anyone with a high-performance bot trader share its profits with the public? The strategy doesn’t make sense, regardless of any stroke of altruism that underlies it.

Besides, we don’t see any tangible information about the said bot, not one bit of evidence at all. There is a free trial for sure, but it is equally as likely to be a template as not.

In a few words, the inference is that B-Tradeinvestment is selling its bot cheap _ too cheap that the AI strikes as nothing other than a mere con.

Moreover, the company does not provide any transaction processing fee, which is excusable because of the relatively affordable membership prices. 100 EUR is the threshold deposit, anyway. But an unstated contractual fee might lead to extortion, cue a 200000 EUR loss (deposit and profit) by a member.

B-Tradeinvestment provides an unconfirmed AI trader run by anonymous operators at low prices, an undisclosed transaction fee, and zero evidence of regulation.

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