AvivaARB Review | Forex/Crypto Trade Broker, Credible or Scam?

AvivaARB Review: the platform offers real-time cryptocurrency widgets, foreign exchange services, and Defi trades cum forex training.

Also, the website mentions that AvivaARB was created by experienced forex traders. Impliedly, the expertise of said professionals vouches for the reliability of the platform as a forex broker. But offering a brokerage for futures and forex trade requires a preliminary license. Does AvivaARB have a license?

This AvivaARB Review answers the above question and more. You can learn more about the platform in this article.

AvivaARB Review: Overview

Representing as a prime broker, AvivaARB supposedly offers the best quotes from top-notch facilitators as per liquidity over the ESN. AvivaARB brokers foreign exchange transactions, sandwiched between providers and clients.

AvivaARB Review: the platform reiterates its performance through the following strongpoints:

Fair Pricing _ all transaction fees and market execution prices are relatively lower, according to the AvivaARB website.

Customized Solution _ here, the company reassures investors by asserting they have the best links. Although forex brokers have such links, AvivaARB makes a show of the matter. The credibility of brokerages derive from their trade licences and regulation, not just their connections.

Strong Team _ the platform uses the synergy of its team effort and IT specialists to offer the best analytics to traders on the AvivaARB platform. It does not disclose the identity of said admin or its office location.

Endless Possibilities _ subsequently, the website says, all investors/traders can access endless possibilities on AvivaARB.

Note that the above remarks supposedly say all the client needs to know about the company. Ignoring the vague reference to well-placed connections, no information about the location of the AvivaARB Company can be seen on the website. How about a trade license?

See the next section of this AvivaARB Review for information about the company license.

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AvivaARB Review: Regulation

AvivaARB Review: the company is an unregulated off-shore forex broker.

From the outset, an older, credible broker, Aviva Investment, warns the public about the AvivaARB services mimicry.

In a desperate attempt to appear legitimate, AvivaARB copies the company name of a credible firm. But the ruse was offset by client reviews online pointing out the fraud inherent in AvivaARB. The company’s lack of futures and forex broker evidence confirms the scam alerts about it.

AvivaARB Review: parading as an international firm, the company mentions branches in the UK. The website has two US office addresses. But on inspection, they prove to be an off-hand reference to a precinct where the office is located.

What about the CEO? Despite its storied professional base, no information about the CEO is available. AvivaARB expects investors to transact with an anonymous and unregulated broker.

Spreads, Auto Traders, and Leverage

Relyinging on spreads and entry prices to curry investments, AvivaARB offers 1:100 leverage (poor ratio, by all accounts).

However, there is more.

AvivaARB Review: copying the crypto bot trade style of Ponzi platforms, the company offers a web forex trader to clients. 

The so-called cryptocurrency widget on the AvivaARB website automatically churns out real-time valued crypto prices. All trades revolve around the AvivaARB listed 1:100 leverage. Yet the company does not offer any proof that its automated forex trader is legit.

See the next section of this AvivaARB Review for the minimum deposit.

AvivaARB Minimum Deposit

The company does not disclose the minimum deposit on the website. Also, the absence of a minimum deposit list on AvivaARB points at a furtive funding request by AvivaARB.

Moreover, customers complain of sustained phone calls from the website soliciting investment funds from them. Clients describe the calls as persistent and always about money requests.

Our AvivaARB Review gathers that although the company does not mention its minimum deposit, it does not charge hidden fees. Note that this information comes from the website. Not from the customer feedbacks.

AvivaARB Review: Products & Services

Besides trade analytics and trading instruments, the AvivaARB website lists the following services for clients:

Learning Materials

Also, Group Online Courses

Webinars, and finally

Individual Training.

AvivaARB Review: for all the fuss about professional IT workers and experienced forex traders, AvivaARB does not publish trainees’ feedback. The webpage for forex training on the AvivaARB website has an application link, but it does not offer any insight on what applicants can expect.

Instead of a webpage detailing the company services roadmap since its creation, the Platform category of AvivaARB is a rigmarole about trading platforms. So, how credible is the company?

 See the next section of this AvivaARB Review for more information.

AvivaARB Credibility

By all indications, the website is not good for business. Moreover, it is unregulated, and it doesn’t say anything about its admin or true office location.

Often, scam websites use multiple addresses to hide their ID. The same scam flares are visible on the AvivaARB website, threadbare for a forex broker website. 

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