Atteva Supplements | Review, Affiliate Structure, Address Mishmash

Atteva International leverages multi-level marketing to sell its chief products, Atteva Supplements, as a reprieve from poor diets. 

In its opinion, there are insufficient models for distributing health-related products to the public. So, with the company’s international trading network, the issue of poor choice of nutrition can be solved. Is that all the Atteva Supplements do? Of course not.

But far from simply stating the components of Atteva Supplements, Attava Intl also discusses its market prospect. And then it lists affiliate compensation structures for its partners. In this regard, the company sheds every pretense at merely marketing health supplements.

Is there any Ponzi roach where Atteva’s CEO is concerned?

 You can learn more about the Atteva Supplements, and also get a brief Atteva Review, in the following sections.

Atteva International: Supplements

Atteva Supplements: the Atteva Intl official website states the downsides of poor eating habits. It also offers tips for revving up the health ecosystem through quality food distribution.

The company website, at one point, estimates that 60% of the world’s population impliedly require its Atteva Supplements. Although this might just be a stretch, its preferential allusion gives Atteva Supplements some credence. You can see the statement below, as it appears on the website:

“While approximately 60% of people are unaware of their food choices to their health-related issues, processed foods do have an extreme impact on your health.”

A good ad at once identifies a problem and then proffers its solution. Based on this promotion strategy, Atteva International ushers its supplements with the brief precursor below:

“Your decision to integrate the ATTEVA system of health is both a jump-start and a maintenance program in your transformation to wellness.”

So far, nothing is wrong with mobilizing skills that get you customers. As it concerns Atteva Supplements, though, the platform needs less PR and more credence from appropriate health agencies.

However, our review mostly relies on the information available on Atteva International to understand Atteva Supplements.

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Products: Atteva Supplements & Other Services

You can visit the Atteva Intl website to join its Social Responsibility community. The Company represents that the community does not curry funds from members. Instead, it imbues its trainees with health-promoting cultures.

From previous sections, you can see that the other main offer on Atteva Intl is its Atteva Supplements. It comprises the following products:

Curasol (preferred pricing, $56.65; customer price, $49.95) _ supposedly alleviates body composition of heavy metal content. Atteva attaches a description of Curasol’s chief contents. For instance, it contains curcumin.

Also, Curasol contains protein-optimized curcumin that relieves joint pains. Atteva mentions that its supplement has a patented ingredient that makes its Atteva Curasol more effective than other Circumin-containing products.

TevaGO (customer price, $98.95; preferred pricing, $84.95) _ the product is an energy drink. TevaGO derives from Teva and Go. The name betrays nothing about its content, neither does the Atteva website.

600MG Hemp Extract

1200MG Hemp Extract

The duo of 600MG & 1200MG Hemp Extracts gets elaborate descriptions in the video clip on the company website. So far, it is the only item in the Atteva Supplements list to elaborate on the analogous benefits of the products.

Affiliate Compensation Structure & Ranks

Atteva Supplements: can’t buy the products? Don’t worry, you can earn from the affiliate Compensation Structure on the website. Below is how it works:

The compensation structure on the platform is a signup-remittance relation. When you recruit people to the platform, they also earn in the same way.

However, its affiliate structural rank follows an MLM tiered recruitment structure. Briefly, they are:

Associate _ available on registration as a partner.

Brand Partner _ available for 80 PV monthly caps with similar criteria required of two requisite referrals.

Super Affiliate _ available for the following prelims: have four (4) Brand Partners with two of them separately retaining different binary team units. Also, you require a threshold of eight Brand Partners to join the affiliate rank.

Executive _ the rank is available for the following prelims: have four (4) Super Affiliates with two of them separately retaining different binary team units. Also, you require a total downline of threshold eight (8) recruitments in higher-tier affiliate ranks.

Senior Executive _a bit up in the notch, this package is available for the following prelims: have two (2) Super Affiliates. As in the above ranks, the two Super Affiliates will separately retain single points in their binary units.

Diamond Executives _ comes across as the top value in the Atteva affiliate rank chain. To get on the Diamond Executives rank, you require two recruitments each in the Executives and, at least, Senior Executives rank.

Moreover, you can earn percentage bonus remittals per order for the Atteva Supplement you sell. The cache is available as Core Team Bonus. See the next section for more details.

Core Team Bonus Remittals on Sold Atteva Supplements

Below are the percentage bonuses you can get on the website as Atteva Supplement marketer/promoter:

1% on Level 5

2% on Level 4

4% on Level 3

8% on Level 2

Lastly, the Level 1 bonus culminates from personal recruitments (remits 10% bonus) and direct orders (remits 15%). Direct others are mostly due to Atteva Supplements promotions on consumer platforms.

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Referral Prop ups, Other Packages

You can also earn from other bonus-weighted caches while you market or promote the supplements.

Most of the bonuses are ceded on referral downlines following a few requisite prelims. However, you can also earn directly from Atteva Packages. All the packages derive from the two (2) main caches below:

Personal Package (A, B, and C)

Partner Package (A, and B)

Lastly, Pro-Package (A, B, and C).

Atteva CEO, MLM Jumbled History

Far from its sole representation as a mega drug retails network, Atteva racks up a few downvotes in its CEO’s record. Even its office address is reportedly confusing.

The CEO of the company is Jef Welch. Although nothing incriminates Jef in an MLM Ponzi, he has wound up in a court investigation involving two MLM platforms. It appears he has no finger in any rough trade probed in the case. 

Regardless of Atteva CEOs’ business records, his company lists a maze of locations that supposedly stands in for Atteva Intl office address.


This section concludes our review about the Atteva Supplements. So, we’d like to make the following points:

The supplements are available on a platform that doesn’t work for any pharmaceutical company.

Most of the benefits it confers on consumers are not as particular as Atteva portrays on its website. It’s also curious that the only distinguishing component of Curasol is still patented.

Lastly, while the supplements are genuine, they seem to be expensive _ especially for products vaguely hinting at its peculiarities.  

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