ASAP Tickets Review | Waives Class Lawsuit Action, Failed Re-funds

ASAP Tickets Review: the airline ticketing is embroiled in issues over refunds on pre-covid booked flights after interposing waivers.

It operates as a subsidiary partner of International Travel Network LLC, consolidating local and international flights. Its operational network involves Aviajet, Inc., operating out of Quebec, Canada.

Apparently, the problem is not about putting the relevant regulatory records straight since ASAP already runs a hitherto unanimously appraised service. The company is also famous, among flight plugs in Canada, for providing on par tickets for myriads of clients.

One thing halts the sequence of achievements, though. Customers can’t seem to get back funds for shelved/missed flights after the Covid lockdown. 

Amidst restrictions on international/local flights by cross-border immigration, airlines seek resiliency measures. Some merely cut down expenses and salaries while retaining the employee volume. Others take a bold step; instead of clipping down the budget, they bring non-customer-friendly compliance to bear on the fore.

But these problems do not eclipse the company’s years of impressive service, which forms the preamble to our ASAP Tickets Review in the section below. Read on for details.

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ASAP Tickets Review: About the Company


To cut a clear image, ASAP Tickets is a service-based travel brand but leaning heavily on brands than a travel agent. 

The company (as part of the Canadian flight agency described above) values optimum customer experience and quality service, leveraging the best work ethics to provide top-tier service regardless of the ticket description (economy or business class).

ASAP Tickets correspondingly gets positive feedback from satisfied customers, most of them commending the detailed cost-delivery services chain. Of course, getting the catalog entries at seemly costs creates grounds for continued patronage. ASAP Tickets already has this track record.

Ratings on Itinerary

Our ASAP Tickets Review finds incredible above-average rating scores for the company on different public-access platforms. You can hit your preferred review plug for reference. The chances are that ASAP Ticket aggregates a tier-one record all around.

In what areas do these ratings focus?

For the most part, the scores border on these factors:

General satisfaction with assigned agents,

Genial interactions that brook company-client relationship,

And professional service.

If you pay attention to the second metric, you notice the emphasis on establishing a work environment that values clients. As it happens, most of the ratings revolve around customer service.

Are there any loyalty rewards?

Promos factor in the efforts to retain customers in any service-oriented platform, and it is available for ASAP Tickets users. So, the company does not merely offer low fares, cuts, and other promos as a gimmick, unlike many others as gimmicks.

You can check the official website (or liaise with an ASAP Tickets agent) for available awards.

Despite the impressive records above, the post-Covid period sees ASAP Tickets recouping poorly on the user-satisfaction ratings. What’s the cause of this, poor management or lockdown hangovers? See the following section of our ASAP Tickets Review for possible answers.

Point in Case: Compliancy Waives Arbitration

Most people using ASAP Tickets don’t read through the terms of service as it affects customer services and how it works.

Here are ASAP Tickets overcompensating (see the clip below).

ASAP Tickets Review

So, by ticking the box for the CS service, you categorically waive any rights to seek redress from any judge or jury. The platform only cedes a largely ineffectual option (small-claims court) to customers in this strait. Ultimately, the arrangement buffers any retaliation due to unsatisfactory CS-related services.

But that is not all. Our ASAP Tickets Review finds a different layer to the status quo view on seeking a CS redress. Obviously, the CS terms of service do not allow customers to seek traditional litigation procedures. Yet, it maintains that a customer can seek redress via a NEUTRAL ARBITRATOR.

What can you do with a neutral arbitrator?

An arbitrator offers typical arbitration without the import of the law courts. However, any perceived bias can be rectified at a federal court, including jurisdictions (like San Francisco) that deem this ASAP Tickets CS Terms on Arbitration unenforceable.

There is one problem with this procedure, though. Customers either go with a possible watered-down ruling from a neutral arbitrator or brace for an unnecessary hearing at a federal court (which escalates a trivial matter). Of course, the arrangement conveniently skews redress (the reason for customers highlighting atypical ASAP Tickets CS replies for a refund on peer review sites).

See the section below for the highlights.

ASAP Tickets Review: Refund Issues Post-Covid

If you want to know how viral the issue is, check the Google results for ASAP Tickets Class Action. But first things first, what caused the trend at the start?

Like we mentioned previously, the CS terms on BINDING ARBITRATION strikes as a compliance gimmick, stalling customers’ efforts to lodge a class action suit against ASAP Tickets.

Moreover, this happens in the light of many failed attempts to retrieve money spent on canceled pre-Covid ASAP Tickets bookings. Some customers already call the move a scam, implying that ASAP is a fraudulent service.

ASAP Tickets Review Is the Company Legit?

Of course, ASAP Tickets remains a legit platform, bar the complications due to the lockdown.

However, widespread reports of currently poor customer service are detractions from the company.

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