AntUSDT Review | Crypto Mixer & CEO Proxies, Credible MLM or Scam?

AntUSDT Review: relying on PR videos on YouTube for recruitment, AntUSDT offers tiered investments in different cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, etc.

Also, it obfuscates information about its admin with Chinese alphabets, office mishmashes, proxy CEOs, etc.

The company does not leave a whit of investment/recruitment detail on its website. Instead, you see a create account page, postponing all requests until you have an account on the site. Our AntUSDT Review finds that the platform aims operations at a cross-continental audience, given the rendition of its website in part Taiwanese and part Chinese.

Although the company offers mobile apps, it only cedes detailed information about its membership packages to prospective clients (the website is a blank slate).

We explain the prospects of earning from AntUSDT, including the possible red flags about the company in this review. Get more information below.

AntUSDT Review: Location, Maybe Russia?

As we mentioned previously, our AntUSDT Review finds little information about the operators of the AntUSDT website. However, some bits of details, however sparingly, are available on the internet.

In many of his PR videos, a likely proxy CEO of AntUSDT decidedly has an Eastern European accent. That could debunk any supposed administrative ties to Asia. But it also highlights the unpinned address of AntUSDT office(s).

One of the weightier leads on an AntUSDT location pins the company to an office designated Y4 Office Space in Kyiv, Ukraine. The same sources could provide pictures of known places in the vicinity of the office, establishing it is in Kyiv.

Also, one twist to the hunt involves AntUSDT sharing perspectives of an office interior. This way, you’d think the site operates from different bases.

Again, the Y4 Office Space narrows the options to only Russians tweaking reps to look like an Italian, Taiwanese, and Chinese combo. The tactics help the Ponzi website evade prosecution since they have muddied their tracks. Regardless, AntUSDT will not get this slip as it already shares the media spotlight.

Moreover, our AntUSDT Review finds figures concurring on a favorite CEO proxy (a certain Andy) for the platform. Andy blends into different characters easily, playing the CEO for AntUSDT.

We explain the compensation structure in the following section of this AntUSDT Review.

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AntUSDT Affiliate Compensation Structure

If you read the lines, you will notice an invariable trend among multi-level markets (MLMs) that involves selling coupons and offering bonuses through a compensation structure. AntUSDT offers an equivalent scheme by providing a unilevel compensation plan. While many MLMs would cap profits in the lattice at a specified level, AntUSDT allows your downlines to grow organically (depending on recruitment). But then, you only get profits down to the sixth (6th) level. Briefly, here are how the investments work:

5% for Levels 4 to 6,

10% for Level 3,

20% for Level 2, and

30% for Level 1.

The tone of investment in AntUSDT suggests more compensations for AntUSDT affiliates. However, with only a handful of Login information online, AntUSDT also doesn’t share the details with the public. Supposedly, there is a whitepaper, a sort of investment blueprint.

See the following section of this AntUSDT Review for details about its products.

No Products, Only a Mobile App

Owing to the scant information about its payment structure, AntUSDT mostly operates via a mobile app. Assuming it gives AntUSDT a bit of credence, the mobile app could also be a shroud for unregulated business.

Moreover, our AntUSDT Review finds that the company promises daily coin shuffles culminating to 108USDT per year. The yearly yields increase by approximately 20USDT every month. As the supposed payment chart of one affiliate shows, units of USDT fill-up the clippings from monthly profits.

AntUSDT supposedly earns you financial freedom after one year of consistent trade, racking 30USDT for further partnerships.

AntUSDT Review: Offers Encryption Mixer

Instead of the one/off blueprint, however anonymous its owners are, AntUSDT provides an encryption mixer to investors. Why does it think a mixer is good for you?

It narrows down to the perennial privacy issues in any transaction online. AntUSDT suggests you take the personal data privacy issue one step too seriously. Encryption mixers may not be good for you.

If there is at least one excuse for data hijacks, it is transparency and control. Uncontrolled models could imply accumulated oversights. If that continues long enough, it becomes disruptive _ cue the drug traffic possible via the mixer thingy.

While an AntUSDT cryptocurrency mixer can ensure you control your data, it affords as much secrecy to any obnoxious intent on the other end of the line.

How credible is the business? Is the app any proof of legitimacy for the company? See the conclusion of this AntUSDT Review below for information.


For the most part, AntUSDT is not a reliable plug for any crypto investments because of its anonymity. If you wish to earn passively, stake your cash in a reachable source, not a globe-trotting multi-level marketing platform.

By the way, no audits of any crypto trades exist on AntUSDT. So, how do AntUSDT affiliates trust they get remunerations?

Just like watermine, AntUSDT is only offering an unconfirmed AI trader by enmeshing it in a mixer. That is an apparent exit strategy cue a scheduled AntC coin.

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