Antoun Toubia Rebranding his UCI & The Swedish Trust | Legit So Far?

In what appears to be a zoom meeting, informal as it appears, Antoun Toubia mentions that his company is prodding new paths after he had surgery.

It seems to be more of a self-assessment, without any shred of thought wasted on the pending ROIs promised to UCI affiliates.

Reportedly, UCI phased out to The Swedish Trust amidst tensions about outstanding Company/customer debt. Antoun’s company apparently ran a deficit, holding on for some time before collapsing around unmet withdrawal requests.

Some customers are allegedly suing on grounds of thievery and Ponzi fraud, notwithstanding UCI being able to generate profits from four (4) streams in its hay days.

Although The Swedish Trust is nothing remotely concerned with MLM, it speaks to a failure of ethics that a company defaulting on ROI payments to UCI investors should broker trust contracts. Legacy properties, digital and otherwise, are the forte of The Swedish Trust headed by Antoun Toubia.

 The one roach on this framework is The Swedish Trust meeting up with the requisite PPI index according as it hinges on sourced trust management. No big deal for big companies with years of practice, yes. But here is a handler with some unsavory MLM records to his name, Antoun Toubia.

We throw more light on this story in the following sections. Read on below for details.

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Antoun Toubia: UCI from the Onset

UCI is primarily crafted as a high yield investment, appended to an ineffective caveat about possibly volatile market affecting profit margins.

So, you could invest in the company, wait around forty (40) days, and reap the proceeds. After some months, ROI seems constricted somewhat by UCI, which resorts to an in-platform cryptocurrency as the only payment option. Members need only acquire Pebex, the adopted token for trades, at one (1) per one dollar ($1).

Other ICOs were proposed too. Antoun Toubia rolled out PRs attempting to provide liquidity for the new goldmine.

Below is a copy from the site (scrawled under the header, On The Verge of Making History!).

Why UCI has chosen to collect such a small amount of money from people and sold to them founders (sic) positions, while UCI will earn millions of dollars and is not in need of money?

It sounds much like the Elite Club pitch of most MLMs. Special treats and perks for consistent members, high-tier investors, and the execs pulling the plugs on the backend.

Subsequently, Antoun Toubia markets the same grid-weighted ROIs as ten thousand percent (10000%) returns insurance, propped by Pebex, UCI Coin, and SprinkleCoin.

Time tells differently, though. 2021 saw the three coins plummeting out of any publicly available listing. Most UCI investors picked the cue, requesting ROIs. But to their shock and disappointment, Antoun Toubia proposed another bout of contract _ The Swedish Trust.

See an overview of Antoun Toubia’s trust company in the section below.

The Swedish Trust picks up the Trail

Antoun’s UCI appears to crawl up to sensationalist HYIPs, booting a trust management company amidst reports of skewness.

Please, note that nothing is overly MLM about the company yet, except for its execs having ties with UCI. Regardless, there are loads of disquieting info about the precarious contracts bandied around as assets.

Medium-Term Notes, often occurring in PPPs (Private Placement Programs), are the go-to reference in this instance.

Also, Standby Letters of Credit factor in HYIP scams

Along with Bank Guarantees, the above contracts protect owners of volatile assets from the buyers’ whims. If asset A costs $23000 in 2019, it remains at that mark or with a defined bound specified in the contract.

Everything in-between is an inter-bank affair, requiring only the consent of investors to kick off.

Factored into Antoun Toubia’s The Swedish Trust, trust management merely spiffs a clichéd UCI Ponzi, which defaulted on 10000% ROIs.

This sums up the reservations people have for the new fad. 

However, The Swedish Trust is not involved in any fraud investment (at least, at writing time).

Regardless, Antoun Toubia is mucking the loads of sullying mistakes from UCI. His last YouTube shows him owning up to the failed ROI payment and largely fraudulent pool profit accruals.

How does this bear on The Swedish Trust? Of course, it speaks volumes to effect that the company is a scam too.

Moreover, these delegated contracts are the perfect shroud for elite investors to flush low-tier investors from the profit pool. How does Antoun Toubia counter this point? Not specifically

See the section below for answers.

Antoun Toubia Proposes A Fair Share Company for Members, After UCI

Antoun Toubia has an SEC-indexed investment company, Business Bureau Britain LTD, licensed via a UK shell company, stating several billion in capital assets.

Business Bureau Britain cushions the phase for former UCI investors/affiliates looking to own shares in the new enterprise. As it happens, Antoun says that the shelved ROIs from UCI are good for Business Bureau Britain shares. So, those affiliates are automatically shareholders in the current gig.

Compared to the ’22 Antoun iteration, The Swedish Trust is a legally-propped business in a non-U.S. jurisdiction, with legit offers for everyone.

It doesn’t rectify the UCI Ponzi, nor does it explain the media silence from Antoun Toubia, however.

Conclusion: Legit So Far?

The only viable option yet is The Swedish Trust, given the transparency on the site.

Other offshoots like crypto ICOs and Business Bureau Britain are bogus.

Still, the clutter of PPPs (implying other HYIP shenanigans discussed previously) and The Swedish Trust are limbs of the unregulated British Business Bureau. So, investors are back on the same track again.

Until a reliable U.S. and UK regulation is available, the ring of Antoun Toubia’s profit avenues is not convincingly legit.

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