Antares Trade Review | Marginal Bot-run Dossier for Crypto/Forex Profits

Antares Trade Review: mentioning it is poised to offer portfolios in Defi, bot-run forex, and crypto trade, Antares Trade brokers investments in multiple securities. Its services range from forex trade brokerage, P-2-P lending counter, stocks, commodities, to an up-to-date blog that covers the span of its online utilities.

Interestingly, there is a multi-level marketing option in the Antares Trade platform. This MLM aspect informs the surging activity predominant in Canada, the UK, etc. according to Alexa. It is the affiliate options on the website that our Antares Trade Review covers.

Also, our Antares Trade Review investigates the credibility of the platform, going by clients’ feedbacks online. 

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Antares Trade Review: Overview

Antares Trade Review: replete with all the MLM usual _ affiliate packages, residual commissions, and referral bonuses _ the platform also comes under the typical MLM Ponzi tag. Here is why.

The unfailing penchant for proxy reps, a CEO in this case, occurs in the Antares Trade platform. According to the company, its creator and CEO is Alex Richter. Proxy reps cut the image of having ghost career records online, regardless of their niche.

Alex Richter only broke on the multi-level marketing scene after the creation of Antares Trade, where he doubles as owner and media focus. 

You can always tell an MLM daubed over CEO by their knack for putting on airs. Alex Richter’s base shows the image of a makeshift well-drilled company owner trying to measure up to his office. And failing.

Our Antares Trade Review looks through the YouTube video with Alex Richter on a paper background smeared with maps. We also understand that the same setting is poorly imitated in a different video. 

On the whole, the company website might’ve botched Antares Trade’s plan to stealthily recreate its broadcast office. 

Further, the website mentions Antares Trade having a Hong Kong office, despite the general impression being that the platform is run in Mexico.   

Moreover, the company’s supposed Hong Kong recess is reportedly a hotel apartment. This proves our reference to Antares Trade’s attempts to recreate similar office settings in its alleged various locations. Nothing is wrong with the company trying to have an extensive reach, though _ especially as a Defi network broker

See how long the career might’ve been in operation below.

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Antares Review: Domain History

Our Antares Trade Review finds that the website might’ve been bought from its previous owner, given its Dec. 10th creation two years ago and its current iteration from last year.

If this purchase is true, it implies that the website operates in a parallel time frame to its Admin media footprints, which starts on the 6th of March 2020.

See the flagship services on the website in the following section of this Antares Trade Review.

Antares Trade Review: Services

In his YouTube Video appearances, Alex Richter stresses the advantage of synergy investment tactics over separate inputs. 

Also, reiterating the company’s commitment to maximal yields on investments, the website mentions a bot trader, trading algorithm, and other programs. Clients can supposedly earn ROIs and other accruals from their investments in these services.

Further, the company offers options for partnerships and referrals. But the main service appears to be the Antares Dollar (AND) crypto coin. Investments in crypto yield daily profits culminating in a 200% ROI. It only happens on Antares Trade, though. 

The cryptocurrency, in its launch, is already pegged to 1USD.

As it works as an MLM crypto broker, Antares offers the following online services:

Antares Exchange

Coin capitalization (Antares Dollar)



Crypto Robot

Forex training and 

P-2-P Network, etc.

Moreover, the company website includes a TV channel and a concerted effort to provide offices for its branches.

See the next section of this Antares Trade Review for its Affiliate Commissions.

Affiliate Commissions

Unlike an MLM affiliate commission scheme that embeds two, three units on the different referral levels, the Antares Trade payment model is plain. A member earns percentage commissions on different referral levels. The structure is shown below:

3% for Level 1 _ commission is available for personally referred members.

3.5% for Level 1 _ available for the $250 affiliate tier.

4% for Level 1 _ available for the $500 affiliate package

4.5% for Level 1, 0.5% for Level 2 _ available for $1000 tier

Levels 1 and 2 with respective percentage commissions being 5% and 1% _ available for $2500 package

5.5% for level 1 and 1.5% for Level 2, on a $5000 investment.

Level 3 gets 1%; Level 2, 1.5%; and Level 1, 6% on a $10,000 investment.

A $20,000 investment earns you 6.5%, 2%, and 1% on Levels 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

A $35,000 investment earns you 7%, 2.5%, and 1.5% on Levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Invest in a $50,000 Package and earn 7.5%, 3%, and 2% serially on Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Invest in a $75,000 Package and earn 8%, 3.5%, and 2.5% serially on Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Lastly, you can earn 3%, 4%, and 8.5% progressively on Levels 3, 2, and 1, if you invest in a $100,000 Package.

Note that membership packages sell for specific prices in fiat. The following section shows the equivalents in Antares Dollar.

Antares Dollar-Packages Ratio

Previously in this Antares Trade Review, we mentioned that the company trades $1 to 1 Antares Dollar (AND). The list below shows crypto equivalents for fiat membership purchases in Antares Trade:

100AND for $100

250AND for $250

500AND for $500

1000AND for $1000

2500AND for $2500

5000AND for $5000

10,000AND for $10,000

20,000AND for $20,000

35,000AND for $35,000

50,000AND for $50,000

75,000AND for $75,000

And lastly, 100,000 AND for $100,000.


This section of our Antares Trade Review highlights some issues with the website. See the possible red flags below.

The first inkling to the subtle Ponzi scheme on Antares Trade is the lack of any evidence of bot-trading on the website. Even with membership packages soaring to a hundred dollars, the company shares no tangible details of any underlying assets that churn out ROIs for affiliates. 

Moreover, a hallmark scam alert for scam forex/crypto trade brokers is their obvious lack of regulation. Antares Trade is unlicensed to broker foreign exchange trade.

Despite the PR galore Antares invests heavily in, there is no tenable business on the platform. The touted bot-trader is a ruse. Although the company juggles multiple securities in the guise of a synergy program, it focuses all operations on marketing coupons.

Lastly, there is no evidence of marginal, optimized trade units on the Antares Trade platform. So far, clients only depend on the specified daily tokens to make profits, which is not based on a sustainable model. 

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