Amazon Coins Canada | Use Amazon Coins on Fire Tabs and Kindle

Amazon Coins Canada: With the new Amazon Coin, you can purchase apps and games usable on TVs and Fire Tablets.

It offers a lot of value for users in the U.S., allowing them to use a digital solution to pay for various services. Also, it marks a definitive shift towards payment options via non-fiat media. Amazon Coins has intrinsic values in gaming apps and other utility products available via Amazon Appstore.

The best thing for growing markets is adaptability.

Amazon reads the times, adjusting marketing and CS policies to include trending avenues like digital currencies.

Customers can buy the coins at subsidized prices; Amazon offers discounts for bulk purchases. Besides these values, the company offers several other options in the services cache. Read on below for details.

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Amazon Coins Canada: Values Also Available in Canada

At the start, only U.S. residents could access the Amazon Coins. However, it is available in Canada now.

Amazon Coins Canada is indexed with AMAZON COINS, operating via Clark Wilson LLP 900-885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Further, Canadians get the complete values as well, with zero clippings on provided content. For one, you can buy video games, audio files, emulators, mods, pairing devices for shared computer games, electronic leaders, and so on.

Moreover, every product in the list is accessible on different user-defined software, ranging from ad services, directories, chat room media, audio and music videos, online skit production, search features, streaming services, and games design.

Additionally, you can access Amazon’s prime offer: books. You can choose titles from a range of topics and categories depending on your preferences.


Most of the offers in the above description are not covered by warranty. So, you might not get full spectrum usage. Regardless, Amazon Coins Canada remains the best of its kind for video animations and the acquisition of texts (books, papers, textual presentations, etc.).

Platforms like Kindle and Kindle Fire also support Amazon Coins, which values one (1) coin to a cent (0.01 USD). 

See below for how it works.

How do the Coins Work?

To explore the values in this offer, get any of the following devices or apps.

Fire TV

Fire Tablet

Amazon Appstore

If you want a mobile phone alternative, download the Amazon Appstore for use on Android smartphones (no specifications for Apple products yet).

Add your account to the application (you are using an API, which ensures streamlined payment options for all values on the app).

Subsequently, you can select a digital payment option from the menu. Then, click on Amazon Coins Canada (it is just Amazon Coins on the app).

Like we mentioned previously, users can get discounts and cuts from the price tags.

500 Coins ($4.75) _ saves five percent (5%) of the package for the buyer

2500 Coins ($21.75) _ thirteen percent (13%) of the package for the buyer

10000 Coins ($82.75) _ eighteen percent (18%) of the package for the buyer

Is there an Amazon Token Presale Underway?

Targeted ads spam Amazon customers with messages of a token presale from the retail company. Most of these random bot attacks aim to subvert projects run by Amazon, creating euphoria in a fake ICO to cast the company in a bad light.

Ignore these ads if you come across them. Also, ensure you do not purchase Amazon Coins Canada via any third-party marketer, PR, or APK link.

If you want to grab promos and available user integrations from the platform, always go through the official Amazon Appstore (preferably check the website).

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