Alcor Trade Review | Ritcher Reboots Antares, Ponzi Synergy Trade

Alcor Trade Review: With Ritcher as CEO, the platform had it rough after abruptly closing last month, hurtling investors’ funds into thin air. Ritcher operates an untenable multi-level marketing business, masking it in buzzwords.

Alcor Trade is essentially a second trial and error outing for an ill-fated Antares Trade, retaining its executives. The shift is transitional, with the official Antares website slowly shedding its features for the Alcor brand.

Our website previously reviewed Antares and pointed out the Ponzi loopholes that could bilk invested funds. The matter remains typical of highly-publicized MLM companies: lack of regulation. Then, and now, Antares does not have the right to offer the services mentioned on its website.

Alcor Trade Review: if you visit the erstwhile synergy trading site, you will see highlights of Antares’s non-compliance to market regulators. Below is a clip of the warning from the Antares website.


 Dear partners, from 13 August to 12 October 2021, Antares Trade is subject to a verification procedure for compliance with the requirements of the financial market regulator.

Supposedly due to the avoidable issue above (if only it has the paperwork), Ritcher’s company suspended withdrawals. Continuing the clip, here is the prelude to Alcor.

As a result, for the next two months, the activities of the platform and its partner companies are suspended.

If you scrape the surface, though, you will understand the typical MLM exit strategy. As soon as the brunt of the law becomes unbearable, unregulated companies (and money handlers) play the exit card. Alcor Trade is only a break, supporting the company until another rebrand matures.

Our Alcor Trade Review explains the inherent issues of the site as a passive earning opportunity. See more below.

Alcor Trade Review: Antares Rebranded?

Beyond doubts, Alcor Trade is a rebrand of Antares. Ritcher’s reasons for closing withdrawals are off the mark as he evades explicitly explaining the abrupt closure in regulatory terms. He takes the issue one store farther by playing the victim.

Our Alcor Trade Review gathers that Ritcher attempts to shrug off clients’ reactions as unsupportive after stashing people’s funds away on a façade of legal compliance. Impliedly, he expects scammed investors to bear their losses well. For all their vitiations and retorts, clients may not get their funds back. So-called synergy trade, high-toned in its prime, does not offer chargeback.

On the flip side, our Alcor Trade Review is torn between the two stories about the suspended withdrawals:

  1. Incompliance with financial regulation, or
  2. Ritcher lying about a clampdown of his company.

Whichever story turns out true, Alcor Trade will have a sullied prelude to deal with, and it has to settle dissatisfied investors in the proven Ponzi, Antares. On close examinations, Alcor Trade has the trappings of its forerunner. According to the now redundant Antares website, payment models and earning structures remain valid.

Its functionality is completely similar to that of the previous platform, but its legal model is more stable.

CEO Ritcher banks on his faults to bilk funds off the gullible investors in illegal MLM businesses. The plot twist is, Ritcher understands his synergy trick more than his clients, effectively tipping the balance to his favor. That is more like the news than Ritcher’s spin about paperwork.

Is Alcor Trade any better than Antares a regards regulation? Of course not. See the following section of this Alcor Trade Review for more information.

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Alcor Trade, Yet Unregulated tows the same injurious deadweight that shut down Antares: lack of regulation, as our Alcor Trade Review finds on the rebooted site. It is ever the last page for unregulated MLM business.

Recall that Ritcher excuses the lull by mentioning an upgrade to a legal model, although the prospects needn’t discard Antares. Perhaps hinting at his inability to play a fast one for long, he adds the following recourse on the website.

However, if extended for more than 60 days or if Antares is banned, Alcor Trade can become completely autonomous. And the new platform will be a full successor to the Antares ecosystem.

Correspondingly, the same webpage mentions that all login details remain valid for the new website. Moreover, our Alcor Trade Review finds that the platform only laid off some insignificant features of the previous brand (Antares), confirming it does not have any license for the new site. Else, it would not regress to redesigning its old website.

Aleksey Zhirovkin as Alex Ritcher

Our Alcor Trade Review learns that Alex Ritcher is Aleksey’s preferred alias. On the public side, the CEO of the Ponzi Antares Trade, Aleksey Zhirvkin, parades as Alex Ritcher. He attempts to muddy tracks leading to his identity offline using the role acting ploy.

In whichever role he is cast, Aleksey unremorsefully offers an unregulated Ponzi MLM platform in the guise of trading multiple securities at once.

Moreover, Aleksey proves to be a sullied core of his bedecked proxies. Before he plays the Alex Ritcher role, Aleksey wound up on a federal list of Ponzi in Russia for security frauds offenses. Reportedly, he is a fugitive, escaping to the Dominican Republic after scamming M-Video of its remunerations.

This warning from British Columbia also confirms the scam-fraught illegal deal Aleksey attempts to sell to the public:

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