Airtel Night Plan | Subscription Caches: 500MB for N25, 1.5GB for N50

Get started on the Airtel Night Plan using the Airtel subscription codes. Airtel ng gives you huge data prizes for lower subscriptions. You can enjoy 500MB for the N25 subscription and 1.5GB for the N50.

With the new Airtel night plan, you can wave goodbye to insufficient data offers from most networks. Although these handouts are for specific validity periods, they reduce the call tariff.


There are several telecom companies in Nigeria. In the bid to clinch the top place as best Network Providers, these companies offer cascades of Data Packages for low prices.

Before the Airtel night plan, the Airtel ng’s hourly night subscription thrilled its users. However, this excitement didn’t last long as MTN offers 500MB data for N25. Gradually, the user-traffic shifts to MTN.

Currently, Airtel forestalls these shifts by offering the same nightly data subscriptions for the same prices as MTN. With the new Airtel night plan, you get to download unlimited content of 500MB data for N25 or 1.5GB for N50.  

As you would expect, the Airtel night plan is the best new deal for most people. Why is it so? Well, you can take a look at these data packages and their prices:

  • 200 MB for N200, including a weekend free 30 Minuit calls on the Network
  • One Gigabyte (1GB), valid for a week
  • Fifteen Megabyte (15MB), valid for seven days at N200 Airtel recharge credit

They are great, aren’t they? But how do you enjoy the data stacks in these plans? It is easy: first, subscribe to SmartTRYBE using *312#. Second, reply 1 to the request from the Network.

How you can subscribe to the Airtel night plan

As a top-deal offer, the Airtel night plan is available in a unique data cache. To start using it, you need to initiate a migratory deal with Airtel SmartTRYBE. Just dial the USSD Code, *312#, and then choose SmartTRYBE from the options.

Check the Airtel website for more information.

Invariable, the same USSD Code allows you to subscribe to the Airtel night plan using these replies instead of 1:

  • 1 GB Data at N500, seven days validity period. Reply 2
  • 500MB Data at N25, lasting from midnight to 5 am. Reply 3
  • 1.5GB at N200, lasting for the same period as 500MB Data. Or,
  • 200MB Data at N200, lasting for the weekend and offering free 30-minute calls. Reply 4

The Airtel night plan is a viable package as it is renewable on exhaustion. Therefore, it supersedes the MTN Night Plan which only allows for a single subscription in a validity period. 

How can you check your Airtel Data Balance regardless of the plan?

The Airtel night plan is just one of the best values you can get from the Airtel Telecommunications Network. Apart from its expansive network coverage and mobile usability of the Data Subscriptions, Airtel also offers free calls.

Airtel is still two paces short of being the largest telecoms agent providing access to the internet in Nigeria. However, the company has witnessed a steady increase in its subscriber sphere. And a large part of the inflow is due to the cheap Airtel night plan.

As the Airtel Data caches hold such appeal to most subscribers, you may want to buy an Airtel SIM Card. It allows you to subscribe to these data offers. But until you do so, and after you do, you can learn how to check Airtel data balance here.

General: Direct USSD Code for all Plans 

You can get this service on all phones except Blackberry.

How does it work? Just dial any of these USSD Codes:

  • *141*712*0#
  • *141*11*0#,
  • Or *123*10#.

On completing the command, you will be able to see your Airtel night plan data balance.

General SMS Code: for all Airtel night plan 

Using this method, you can check your data balance on all phones except Blackberry.

How do you check it? Just follow these steps:

  • Go to your Messages folder and open Create Messages.
  • Write “Status” (without quotes). 
  • Then send it to 141

Unique USSD Code for Blackberry Airtel night plan

You cannot check your Airtel Data balance for Blackberry through the USSD above. Blackberry being a different product, has its unique Airtel Data plans. There is also another way of checking Airtel Data Balance on the product. 

Well, how do you check it? Dial *123*9#. Your Airtel Data balance is displayed on the screen.

Unique SMS: Check Blackberry Airtel Plan Using SMS

In having a unique SMS Code for checking Data balance, this method is like the Blackberry USSD Code. 

To check your Airtel Data balance, you can follow the steps below:   

  • Go to Message folder
  • Open create message
  • Write, Status.
  • Then send the message to 440 

The SMS method is a fast process as it displays your request instantly.

If you want a different route for checking your Airtel Data balance, try the following method.

Using SmartSpeedo USSD Code

SmartSpeedo may seem unwieldy, but it is simple. See how it works: 

  • Use the USSD, *141#, to access SmartSpeedo.
  • On the SmartSpeedo menu, click, *
  • Press, send
  • Usually, checking the data balance is the seventh option
  • So, press 7
  • Then, click on send

Although this method is simple, it uses intricate routes to show Airtel data balance. So, while it attempts to avail you of the Airtel Data balance, it notifies you of an SMS message to your phone.

Also, it is a multi-tasked command. It checks data balance for Android phones, Blackberry, and even extra packages like Airtel bonuses.

Use the SelfCare USSD, instead.

You can also opt for this method.

SelfCare USSD allows you to do these:

  • Migrate to a different tariff
  • View your Airtel Data balance
  • Check your Airtel phone number
  • Also, check the Airtel tariff you are currently subscribed to

These are only some of the things you can do using the Airtel SelfCare USSD. It offers more services as well.

How can you check your Airtel night plan data balance? You merely have to follow these steps:

  • Go to SelfCare using the USSD code, *121#
  • Click on My Profile (or press 1)
  • Then click on send
  • on the next page, choose My Data Balance (or press 6)

This method is a longer route than most. On completing the steps, you will get an SMS in your Inbox. This message contains your Airtel Data balance.

Finally, we hope these methods will be useful to you as they are still in practice. Please, share your opinion with us in the Comment Box.

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