Abeg App Founder | Dare Adekoya Co-Funds BBN ’21 Edition

Abeg App Founder: as news of his funding the BBN Show 2021 Edition makes waves, Dare Adekoya takes the spotlight as a tech geek.

While information about the young tech builder was rare, his funding for the 2021 edition of the Big Brother Naija show is not. This role also gives some momentum to Abeg App download frequency on Google Play Store.

This article shares some relevant details about the Abeg App Founder, including sneak-peeks at the app. You can read below for more information about him.

Abeg App Founder: Overview

Dare Adekoya shares much of the euphoria around the BBN 2021 “Shine Ya Eye” edition. He is the Founder of Abeg App, a Nigerian mobile finance tech. The application is developed by Abeg Technology, a company he has been running for almost two (2) years. 

Also, the mobile app is available on Google Playstore, where it has been downloaded by at least twenty thousand people. Although this might seem a slow start, it bears good prospects for Abeg App since its Nigerian consumer base is small.

Moreover, the app has barely clocked one year in its launch calendar, yet it has its sizeable wins lauded in the Nigerian media.

As if that is not enough achievement, the Abeg App Founder goes on to sponsor the 2021 BBN alongside Patricia. 

Before foraying into sensational media, the Abeg App Founder plans to have his software process mobile cash transfers between different end-users. His app would require only cellphone numbers to operate, much like seamless transactions run by, say, PayPal _ although it still needs much work.

Further, the Abeg App Founder intends to make his product available to a broad consumer strip by providing transactions at friendly prices.

Although Dare is a joint owner of Abeg Technology ( together with Michael Okoh and Muheez Akanni), he is the only one of the trio that partly sponsors the BBN show. The rest of the funding for BBN 2021 comes from Patricia.

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Dare Adekoya’s Career History

The co-founder of Abeg App, Dare Adekoya has variously worked as an employee, associate, or designer for model firms, companies, and blogs like OneOS, Brük Oil Mill, Linda Ikeji, etc.

 His designing the Gomoney Banking App for Stanbic Bank is one of his remarkable achievements. Dare intends to develop a user-curtailed interface for mega-brands later. In this regard, he already has a UX fix for perennial tech issues in the Nigerian fintech space. 

You glean the extent of Dare’s designs from his works for Linda Ikeji’s blog & TV, Stanbic, and collaborative stints for other companies.

More Information

It is not often that a tech founder meddles in the BBN show. Dare Adekoya is pushing this barrier by appearing as a sponsor for this year’s edition, Shine Ya Eye.

Moreover, there is little surprise about Dare’s media persona as he sports a dread. He also has a nasal piercing, through which he often wears a ring.

Concerning Dare’s mobile app, it was inspired by Jack Dorsey’s Cash App. While the latter is already an internationally-used product, Abeg App is mostly famous in Nigeria.

Besides its nominal value as a fintech transfer solution, the app is also one of the few P-2-P encrypted software for transactions in Nigeria. Also, it does not require account details for registered users. All it takes is a requisite user’s phone number that links to BVN.

In just one year of operation, the Abeg app generates enough remuneration to sponsor the 2021 edition of the BBN Show, courtesy of its founder, Dare Adekoya.

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