Abasco Investment Review | Crypto & Forex Scam, Incorporation Ruse

Abasco Investment Review: the company’s vaguely worded, false incorporation by an unstated entity buckles its fake crypto investments and forex trade. 

Since its creation in 2020, Abasco Investment poses as a credible crypto and forex broker. It also mentions that it manages investments in various engineering fields like 

“…construction field, structural engineering, architecture, manufacturing and (sic)construction services.”

Barely one year after its start as an intermediary Defi trader, Abasco Investment performs poorly in all the services it purports to offer. Currently, the company’s clients report it’s hard to withdraw earnings from the platform. And the company confirms this shocker in the following lines,

“You are eligible to pay the sum of 750usd for the annual system maintenances and also to enable you to carry on with activities on your account which is currently pending due to the system maintenance which hasn’t been carried out on your account.”

Our Abasco Investment Review finds that this is the typical MLM exit cue. The hidden fees only became a marketing policy after investments picked pace on the platform. Impliedly, withdrawals are only possible if the maintenance fees are paid.

Again, it is typical of Ponzi MLM companies to hoard investors’ funds on any slightest excuse.

This Abasco Investment Review looks at the company’s services, CEO/Admin info, and then offers a verdict on its credibility. Read on below for more information.

Abasco Investment Review: Overview

Like other Ponzi forex brokers in this niche, Abasco Investments offers unregulated brokerages.

Also, the supposed crypto trading and engineering ad on are merely hype. Months of persistent scam reports from customers prove that Abasco Investment does zero forex trading. How can you tell?

To verify a trading activity on a broker’s site, check for a real-time trade chart. Our Abasco Investment Review none on Abascoinvestments.com.

Another tip-off about the bogus trading on Abasco Investments is an incorporation document on the website. What should’ve been a token of good faith ironically confirms the fraud inherent in Abasco Investments. For one, the incorporation does not mention the company acquiring Abasco. It only vaguely refers to some legal acts and so on.

At a glance, our Abasco Investment Review finds the following scam alerts about the platform:

  • Its anonymous owner uses an app to cover his digital footprints
  • Website unavailable as per Google SEO results
  • Also, the website is amateurishly worded
  • Services presentation is unprofessional
  • Further, there is no evidence of securities regulation on the site.

Moreover, Abasco Investment supposedly runs investments in architecture, construction, and so on as underlying assets. As Abasco Investments mentions on its site, its engineering avenues constitute the derivatives it uses to pay clients. Pending when Abasco Investment discloses the volume of remittals from these ventures, its customers will have to take its word for proof.

Contrarily, any proof of Abasco Investment making profits from investments in architecture only reinforces the general opinion that the company does not trade forex. A high-profile forex broker can typically generate sufficient profits for its clients.

See why this platform is not likely to be a legit forex broker in the following section of this Abasco Investment Review.

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Scam Forex Brokerage

Before a platform qualifies as a legit forex broker, it has to meet some criteria. If this organization is in the UK, it will meet the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) criteria. The general requisites include the following:

A $20,000,000 deposit for licensed members

Live 24/7 updates about current market trends

Trade activity stats on the website

Stated spreads, leverages, and then 

Listed stocks, commodities, etc.

So far, none of these basics is available on Abasco Investment. As a client, you only depend on the MLM side of the platform for remuneration. So, instead of trading stocks (or volatilities in the unlikely case), you forfeit any hopes of earning from forex for an affiliate marketing spree.

Impliedly, there is no forex broker here. Abasco Investment only makes the hallmark MLM feint with the crypto/engineering story, then boxes all investments in an affiliate coupon marketing dossier.

As an FXM trader, your first clue to a fraud brokerage is the lack of a regulator. If your broker is not regulated, do not invest with it. The same metric applies to Abasco Investment.


In this section, our Abasco Investment Review reiterates that the platform is a scam. This surmise culminates from our discussions about the company so far. Briefly, we conclude this article on the following notes.

Abasco Investment musters some positive votes only on their promoters’ reviews of the platform. Given the nuances of juggling derivatives, CFDs, and underlying assets in engineering, the amateur operators of the Abasco Investment website cut a laughable picture. On the lightest tone, they are unprofessional because their business description webpage is poorly constructed.

However, if the brunt of securities regulation as per forex is brought to bear on Abasco Investment, the company is another MLM cheap shot at Ponzi.  

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