ABA Marketing Review | another Botched Triangle Scheme offers ROIs

ABA Marketing Review: ABA reverts to recruitment via an obscure pvKontakte, after public warnings of fraud from Russian authorities

That move cues ABA’s decision to run anonymously in the first place. So, if you want to confirm any information on the website, you get only a vague tableau about crypto and whatnot.

Despite its deplorable legal standing, currently, ABA Marketing appears to have been registered since seven years ago (2014). But 2021 seems to boot programs on the platform, reaching a wider audience than San Kitts and Nevis can both afford.

Also, Genadijs Dola is the owner of the platform, at least on the public side, which is unlikely since the name coincides fortuitously with that of an IQeon official. 

The hints of affiliation on the website might only be feints, given how the plat5form subsequently operates. Our ABA Marketing Review gets to this point in the sections below.

The platform gives every semblance of running an international Defi mix. But that is not wholly true. While ABA Marketing provides a copy of partnerships with companies, it operates primarily in Russian. For one, critical parts of its investment blueprint (as it appears on parts of the website) are rendered in Russian.

Moreover, ABA Marketing gets a chunk of its subscribers from Russia, the preferred region for publicity.

See the following section for the reward programs, affiliate compensations, and recruitment bonuses.

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ABA Marketing Review: Affiliate Compensation

Compensation schemes in MLM businesses (crypto-related or not) attempt to spur recruitment, especially from clients in the bottom tier.

Supposedly, the payment scheme reflects the efforts of all members participating in the programs. So, below is how they work.

Supervisors _ pays you E x 14 for 500,000 E culminating from total investment volume in your downlines.

Executive Director _ pays you E x 13.9 for 250,000 E culminating from downline volumes.

International Directors _ earns you E x 13.7 for 2000 E (invested personally) and 100,000E from downlines.

Regional Directors _ earns you E x 13.5 for 1700 E (invested personally) and 60,000 E from downlines.

Structural International Directors _ gets you E x 12 for 1700 E (invested personally) and 25,000 E from downlines.

Advisors 2 _ get E x 10.5 for 800 E (invested personally) and 10,000 E from downlines.

Advisors 1 _ gets you E x 8.5 for 300 E (invested personally) and 3000 E realized in downline volumes.

Consultant 3 _ pays you E x 6.5 for 100 E (invested personally) 700 E culminating from downlines.

Consultant 2 _ earns you E x 4.5 for 100 E from your downlines

Also, Consultant 1 earns you E x 3.5. You need only sign up as an affiliate to join the package.


Here is how the compensation works.

It substitutes E for affiliates’ investments in three hundred units. Suppose the total investments amount to 3000. E is then 3000/300 = 30.

ABA Marketing Review: the compensations for getting recruits to sign-up on ABA Marketing are ranked multiples of E. Commissions on the referral downlines peak at 14. If the multiplier is less than this value (say 10.5), the difference between it and the peak value (say 14 – 10.5) shuffles over to higher-tiered affiliates.

Further Rewards

Besides the typical MLM compensation structures above, ABA Marketing incentivizes recruitment using the following rewards.

Note: the platform pays a fraction of the ROI to eligible affiliates in the program. However, the scheme, rendered in Russian, seems elusive for the intent of our ABA Marketing Review. So, we focus on the obvious cases)

Bonus (Available after Monthly Trades)

The bonuses are monthly airdrops for eligible affiliates in the top hierarchies of the ABA Marketing Ranks. It pays corresponding bonuses to the following ranks.

Supervisors get $1500 per month.

Executive Directors earn $1200 monthly

International Directors receive $900 monthly

Regional Directors receive $600 every month

Structural Directors get $300 per month.

Achievement Bonus

Some of the achievement awards in this scheme are incumbent on the affiliate’s rank. For instance, you get EUR 20,000 for making the Supervisor class. Others get corresponding bonuses as follows.

EUR 10,000 for Executive Directors and

EUR 4000 for Regional Director, both available on sign-up.

Structural Director _ gets a gold watch with twelve chinks of diamonds detailed on it, including a ticket to three days of Leadership Program.

Advisor 2 _ similar ticket as in Structural Director plus a Parker Pen

Advisor 1 gets you tickets to the same Leadership Programs as in above, but only for two days.

Moreover, you can earn a watch set with twelve diamonds for 700 units culminating from your downlines in your first one month (or 1200 in any arbitrary month) as an ABA Marketing affiliate.

The least gift requires 500 units culminating from an affiliate’s downlines in the first one month (or 700 units from any random month). What will you gain? A watch, detailed with a diamond.

How tenable are these rewards and airdrops from the company? See below for answers.

Revenue pools from Affiliates or a Prior iQeon Incorporation?

At the start of this ABA Marketing Review, we mentioned Genadijs Dola as the head of the company. Besides ABA Marketing, Genadijs Dola runs iQeon, if only as a contributing member of the ruling panel.

Since ABA Marketing is not selling products (software or hardware) nor brokering any securities, its featuring Genadijs is merely cosmetic for any reliable investment blueprint.

Moreover, various sources point out that the ABA Marketing incorporations are only weak props. Since it pays ROIs to investors, ABA Marketing is handling securities by implication. Hence it requires a license of regulation from the appropriate Russian authorities.

Contrarily, the concerned regulatory body winds up posting a public notice about the frauds inherent in the company.

Additionally, iQeon is not quite the smokescreen for defusing concerns about ABA Marketing’s legal status. Our ABA Marketing Review finds (alleged) details of iQeon attempting to sell insurance securities without due bureaucracy from the involved government bodies in Russia.

So far, there is no proof of ABA Marketing making profits from an outside source. The only source of income is recruitment.

ABA Marketing Review: Verdict

Genadijs, a member of iQeon, is the only link to a legit platform that features on the website.

Our ABA Marketing Review draws a conclusion from the following issues about the company.

Vague Investment Terms

A scam MLM company typically uses vague language to confuse unsuspecting investors about the deal between the lines. Besides writing crucial details in Bulgarian or Russian, ABA Marketing divulges zero information about its revenue source.

Unresolved Fraud Issues

Even if there is a clear layout of the investments in the company, it does not resolve the lingering fraud alert from Russian authorities.

Regulatory agencies, after all, help people buy legit securities. As long as the terms do not suit regulations, they remain suspicious and bogus.

The last, but as weighty as the other problems about the platform, is the undisclosed revenue source.

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