9GAG Video Downloader | Best Sites for Downloading Mp3, 4 & HD Videos

9GAG Video Downloader allows you to download all kinds of videos, from clips, voiceover tracks, MP3& HD media contents, to full-length videos.

How many social media apps come with user-specific video downloaders? Apart from Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, other platforms seem to ignore this crucial part of the whole user-app chemistry. So, demands for a 9GAG Video Downloader site are understandably high.

Do you want a quick-access solution to the blip? If yes, here is a clutter of options for you to try out anytime. Also, you do not have to subscribe to any Newsletter to access these options. All you have to do is follow the download steps for each 9GAG Video Downloader in this post.

Read on below for details.

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9GAG Video Downloader: Is it your First Time using the App?

If you are using the application for the first time, learn some basic pointers about how it works.

The app belongs to Ryan Chan and primarily pulls traffic from the Hong Kong social media base. Accordingly, many of the uploaded contents are Chinese-themed, with topics drawn from various genres like city-life, medieval China, manga cartoons, comical videos, etc.

It is also like Reddit, with some discussion groups focusing on a preferred genre.

But whatever happens on the site, there is no lack of videos and uploaded animations.

As it happens, the most popular features yet are memes.

9GAG is not an image wall, to be clear. However, times tell on everything, including social media apps. So, you can expect a chunk of uploaded content to coopt memes.

Often, the memes are not plain text-photos; they could be videos. Now, how do you download memes from the website for keepsake, reference, entertainment, etc.? This is where a 9GAG Video Downloader is necessary.

See below for some available 9GAG Video Downloader options.


9XBUDDY is an open-source downloader that allows many users to get all kinds of video formats from supported social media platforms.

It allows you to download vids and slides from several popular apps globally, using only a few intuitive procedures. 9XBUDDY also provides a free space for downloading 9GAG Videos, regardless of your location.

Further, the site is available to everyone without a subscription.

How does it work?

You can use either of these two procedures to get your preferred video from the platform.

  • Download from the Site

Go to the official 9XBUDDY website, enter the 9GAG Video URL (copied from the 9GAG Video website), and click on DOWNLOAD.

  • Download from Video Page

Alternatively, you can download videos from the 9GAG webpage by adding 9xbuddy.com/ as a prefix to the HTTP address.

Moreover, 9XBUDDY allows you to convert uploaded videos from other sites like Dinotube, Lookmovie2.to, Animenana, Tumbex, Hitomi.La, etc.


Unlike some 9GAG Video Downloader options, PasteDownload automatically downloads the video upon detecting its URL.

The procedure works similarly to 9XBUDDY. However, it doesn’t indicate support for editing video link URLs. Instead, you will have to copy the entire HTTP address from the video webpage and paste it into the provided space on PasteDownload.

Check that the copied link matches the source URL if the downloading stalls. Also, you will have to click on DOWNLOAD if you are downloading with an android device.

Besides the general web portal, you can access any preferred vid using private downloaders available on the different apps. However, you may not find such private tabs for 9GAG.

Free Download Video Net

FreeDownload Video works for many online social platforms, TV shows, vlogs, and social media applications. Below are some of the available coverage.





Tick Tock



Facebook & Instagram



It also covers Twitter, Vimeo, and Tumblr apps.

So, you have an array of categories to download videos from without getting different 9GAG Video Downloader sites for each.

How does it Work?

Go to the video page on the 9GAG site/app.

Copy the entire HTTP link.

Paste the copied link into the Free Download Video Net provided space. The procedure automatically starts downloading the video upon detecting a valid URL.

9GAG Video Downloader: KeepVid

KeepVid adds a different clue to the whole 9GAG Video Downloader process.

Instead of a copy & paste method, KeepVid provides a search engine, allowing users to locate a valid link and download without stress. So, you can opt for two options basically.

Copy URL from the video webpage

Search the valid URL from the in-platform search engine

KeepVideo automatically downloads the 9GAG Video upon detecting the URL.

9GAG Video Downloader: THEDOWNVIDEO

Like Free Download Video Net, THEDOWNVIDEO allows you to download uploaded videos from several platforms, min-blogs, video-sharing channels, and social media apps.

You can use it to download from 9GAG. Below are the applicable steps.

  • Search the URL from the in-platform search engine
  • Go to THEDOWNVIDEO’s official website.
  • Enter the valid 9GAG Video HTTP address.
  • Then, click on the download icon (an arrow transfixing a bar)

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