5 Billion Sales Review | Supposedly Monetizes the Internet, promises $400

5 Billion Sales Review: the platform offers $400 as passive profit generated from monetizing the internet to affiliates.

It undercuts these promises with a five (5) billion mantra, intending to revolutionize the internet for people. The website advertises a prelaunch schedule, poising for a date to boot activities.

Meanwhile, 5 Billion Sales already offers a triangle scheme as part of its Network Structure & Commission. So, for the most part, it professes to be an MLM _ another one in the history of claims to monetize the internet. Tapestri put out the same assertions, which ultimately amounts to Ponzi.

The menu tab invariably displays several questions (why, what, how, when) that merely solicit registrations. So, what does the site do? See below for details.

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5 Billion Sales Review: Overview

The company does not provide any information as to its roadmap prior to its 2021 iteration. In the absence of further details, we assume it booted this year.

Regardless, its semblance to the typical giving-to-the-poor crop is clear enough to pin to MLM. It keeps to the form, advertising lists of avenues for passive profits, as high as $400 daily.

What do you have to do for the cash? You need only build your affiliate network, as in expanding your downline volumes.

There is no retailing option on the website. 5 Billion Sales Services for products, in this regard, extracting $100 from affiliates as annual cost fee.

See how the affiliate compensation plan works in the following section.

Affiliate Compensation

5 Billion Sales Review: in the absence of a retailable data tidbit, Services 1 and 2 go for a prior deposit, remitting percentage profits to the buyer.

For the record, there is no definition of Service as used on the website. (The implication is that so-called Services represent the monetized internet unit). Here is how it works.

Earn Down Sixteen (16) Levels on the Service 1

Affiliates get $5 per entry in their downline lattice, using a unilevel compensation plan. For instance, you can refer someone to the platform, automatically generating the first level in your downline. Subsequent recruitments by your downline comprise the second level.

The sequence continues until you reach the sixteenth level, which entitles you to all the volumes culminating from the entire lattice, excepting your uplines.

The above scheme constitutes the residual commissions, which is the crux of Service 1, anyway.

Earn down sixteen Levels on Service 2

This part of the compensation plan merely replicates the previous one, bar some weighted bonuses. Here is how it works.

You, as an affiliate, get between $10-$50 as a residual drop on the unilevel lattice. (5 Billion Sales preferably calls this payment a recurring profit share commission)

Also, $1 goes to every entry in the upline whenever anyone joins the affiliate cache marked Service 2.

Magic Internet Money

As the passive income trope begins to cloy, 5 Billion Sales serves up Magic Internet Money.

What does the term even mean?

It means nothing besides hinting at its ludicrous purpose. Magic Internet Money is a byword for building castles out of thin air, which is what 5 Billion Sales promises.

What ingredients do you need for the Magic-al Brew?

Here, 5 Billion Sales offers a simple recipe: build your network, the staple of MLM in any case. So, the fantasy trip toils through a rabbit hole of buzzwords, part ownership of a $500 billion company, and eventually a pyramid.

5 Billion Sales Review: there is no reliable business blueprint in this platform besides leading affiliates through a maze of mystery Services 1 & 2.

On the flip side, perhaps the reference to magic hints at the cosmic purpose for 5 Billion Sales. According to the clip below, the company will tweak the monetary advantage of the internet to favor users.

We are starting the new wave of digital businesses that take the power from the tech giants and give it to the people.

It is also telling that the so-called wave of digital businesses ripples around 5 Billion Sales, for all it is worth.

5 Billion Sales Review: Verdict

Will you ever make a profit from the platform?

The answer is invariably no, as long as MLM shares the picture.

At the start, we mentioned that the company is like Tapestri, which attempts to monetize data. You can trace a near 100% similar glib, smooth-talking in the two companies.

However, 5 Billion Sales compensates with its democracy spin, fouling big tech to enrich customers. But to what end? Anyone who subscribes to the 5 Billion Sales Review loyalty program will wind up in one triangle grid. Ultimately, that is unprofitable.

Can 5 Billion Sales sustain the model?

So far, there is no shred of evidence that the company even has any working plan. 5 Billion Sales does not reveal the source of its Magic Internet Money, offhandedly referring to it as some integrated scale-up for digital traders.

Moreover, the company requires you to cede your privacy information, the bulk of data privacy. If it doesn’t sell users’ information for profit (contradicting its Magic Internet Money rhetoric), it resorts to the same old Pyramid.

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