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365 Capital Markets Review: the platform says it engages sophisticated trade tools to compete profitably on high-end markets.

365 Capital Markets tools supposedly cover a stretch of Defi crypto investments across different networks. It also provides fine-tuned signals for forex trade, as it represents on its official website.

But beneath the claims, the 365 Capital Markets platform vents enough infeasible digital trade to reveal its Ponzi aspect. Even more, many 365 Capital Markets Review posts online already alert people to issues in the company’s trading model.

Is there any nugget of truth in these reports? Read through this post if you would learn more about the 365 Capital Markets platform.

365 Capital Markets Review: Company Overview

Our 365 Capital Markets Review finds nothing tangible on the company website. Besides making vague references at possessing optimal trade tools and being at the helm of market trends updates, 365capitalmarkets shows nothing else. 

Throughout the webpage, all you will see is the same hallmark MLM prelude to triangle matrix sham. The first requisite for global market signal providers is to publish evidence of expertise for clients to access.

At least, it would’ve allowed clients to calculate the risk in their portfolio. Sadly, this is one gaping loophole in the 365 Capital Markets platform.

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365 Capital Market Review: Red Flags

365 Capital Markets Review: the platform supposedly offers first-rate FMX volatilities spread, -30ms execution speed, 24/7 support, and so on. As already stated in this review, this is merely a blanket claim. The 365 Capital Markets website does not show any verifiable proof that it makes good on these claims.

Further, some Defi crypto networks alert traders to potential risks on 365CapitalMarkets.com. Some reviews say that the organization curries investor interests using scam ads. Our review also finds that some EU financial regulators already marked 365 Capital Markets as a sham project.

Other potential risks on the platform?

From our 365 Capital Markets Review, the platform does not publicize any trade charts. Charts and graphs can be modeled to track correlated values through several markets. Also, it is a prominent feature of global market organizations like the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, S&P, etc. 

Strangely, though, 365 Capital Markets lacks the essential stock quotes (and other tools) a global trading platform should have. And that is not all.

Continue in the next section for more takes on the 365CapitalMarkets website.

365 Capital Markets Review: Poor Trade Instruments

This part of our 365 Capital Markets Review looks at the stripped-down tools the platform provides users.

Foreign exchange is a 24-hours market hinged on a real-time factor. Because of this, the UK Securities regulatory bodies request a 1:50 leverage ratio from trade platforms. It broadens the investor’s trade volume alongside a few spikes in risk potentials. 

You cannot get the requisite leverage level while trading on the 365 Capital Markets website. 

From our 365 Capital Markets Review, the website is replete with other lackluster trade instruments. The available tools on the platform only reveal the 365CapitalMarket decrepit scam platform. Below are other issues with the company:

It does not provide demo FXM accounts for newbies.

The starter/entry price is too high ($2500) for most Forex brokerage standards.

Faux trade charts, and also

Unstated Minimum cash-out.

Usually, a publicly-traded ensemble moderates withdrawal volumes to forestall bankruptcy. You will not find this on 365 Capital Markets.

365CapitalMarkets: CEO, Trade License, Location

365 Capital Markets Review: the FXM market platform provides international brokerage services for clients globally. According to the website, 365CapitalMarkets is run by a subsidiary of Vincent and Grenadines Company.

Despite claiming to be managed by an off-shore corporate body, the 365CapitalMarkets website has registered offices in the UK. The unclear location of the company’s office might suggest that 365CapitalMarkets is evading compulsory regulations.

365 Capital Markets Review: updates about the official licenses and virtual crypto services from 365CapitalMarkets as seen from FSMA.

Already, the L’Autorité des services et marchés financiers (FSMA), Belgium, marks the 365CapitalMarkets company as an aggressive scam operator. FSMA published a notice to the public alerting them to the stealth fraud brokerages prowling the internet.

Further, the FSMA warning delineates several problems and reports from 365CapitalMarket based on reports from users. One of the clients reports that a broker from the company requests control of the client’s trade information. Later, the client lost his money in a calculated investment Ponzi.

Currently, there is no proof that the company is regulated or licensed by credible offices in the EU, Australia, or United Kingdom.

See the next section of this 365 Capital Markets Review for its products and services.

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Products & Services

Like most Defi crypto-related brokers, 365CapitalMarkets does not offer tangible goods. But there are corresponding software products you can get from the platform.

Our 365 Capital Markets Review learns that the website offers several high-risk earning options such as:

More than 15 crypto coins traded on Credit for Difference (CDF) counters.

Several indices for forex traders in its FXM niche

It also offers more than one hundred (100) stocks and tens of commodities.

365CapitalMarkets Deposits/Withdrawals

365CapitalMarkets supports deposits and cash-outs via several international wire transfers. You can send/receive payments and also fund your account on the platform using the following exchanges media:






And also, MasterCard and a few others.

Note that all the payment media listed above work within specific deposit limits.


365 Capital Markets Review: the platform leaves much to be desired. In terms of efficiently managing market trends updates, its communications are poor and amateurish. 

Moreover, although the website says it can be trusted, it already faces investigation from regulatory bodies in Bulgaria. Previously, we mentioned that 365CapitalMarkets is famous in Western Europe. Before its iteration as an FXM company in the UK, it already worked in Bulgaria and Belgium. What is its business history like?

You can see from the deluge of complaints in Belgian demographics that 365CapitalMarket is a poor choice of FXM broker.

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  1. I opened an account and deposited £3,300. The account grew and showed good returns. I was offered a higher ranking account with more benefits if I increased the amount to £33,000. All the transactions were done by debit from two of my credit cards. I was given their bank details to enable me to do a wire transfer, but did not use that function. I received many bonuses and profits from block trades but I am unable to recover my deposits or profits from trades or bonuses. I’m glad my nightmare with 365CapitalMarkets is over, thanks to rstallaert@inorbit.com for the help

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