128 BTC Review | Crowdfunding MLM & Bot Trader Scam | Triangle Scheme

128 BTC is a passive income PR hub offering crypto trading bots, in-platform crowdfunding, and a payment scheme based on the Mobius Loop.

Cue a binary reward cycle, which winds down to a typical MLM stint.

As it happens, the most recurring 128 BTC PRs are from Africa or India, with a designated company headquarters in the U.S., which contributes a chunk of the traffic. Nothing specific happens on the platform beside the clichéd passive income template.

Also, nothing identifies the company CEO on the site, bar vague references to several promoters from Africa.

Given the sheer load of irrelevant ROI ads on the site, the best bet is that the company is an MLM primer, with execs offering unaudited bots, fake testimonials, and unstainable ROIs.

At a Glance

You can access three profit avenues in this scheme, v.i.z. affiliate commissions, crowdfunding (peer-to-peer aspect), and bots.

Further, a Mobius Loop and G Technology System seem to be the underlying prop for whatever the company does.

You can also earn accruals from your referral downline via a Global Referral Matrix. You can monitor your trades and keep track of your money using a real-time analytics-embedded dashboard. 

Lump-sum, the deal is an automated bot trader that offers automated positionings.

128 BTC Overview:

It becomes obvious, as the so-called trade progresses, that 128 BTC neither possesses any bot nor a Mobius Loop blueprint.

Typically, obtuse math and economic jargons are an MLM publicity tactic at best. Apparently, such gimmicks land unwitting investors in a pyramid earning scheme since ROIs depend on membership recruitment.

Even the website provides a glimpse, showing that profits entirely accrue on the Global Referral Matrix. Until the company provides a reliable audit of transactions concluded for a specified fiscal year, it remains an MLM triangle scheme. As well, an audit is a better PR than vague ROI banners.

See below for the 128 BTC Affiliate Compensation Plan.

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128 BTC 2×6 Affiliate Compensation Matrix

Here is where the Crowdfunding program comes into the affiliate compensation thingy.

You can boot a cycle by depositing 0.0005 BTC and stand a chance to earn profits via a 2×6 matrix. See this short description of how the grid works.

The affiliate’s personally recruited members fill the First Level. The First Level referrals boot the Second Level by recruiting people to invest in 128 BTC. Subsequently, the recursive arrangement yields a typical MLM binary compensation grid. See clip below


Note: it may well be a factorial two payment model alright, but it doesn’t amount to anything as complex as a tech running on a Mobius Loop plan. Also, nothing in this triangle scheme template confirms that the company uses a G Technology System.

Here are the ROIs and corresponding deposits for each 2×6 matrix level.

2 BTC deposit earns you a Level 6 slot, which pays the same amount on sixty-four (64) positions

0.1 BTC deposit earns you a Level 5 slot, which pays the same amount on thirty-two (32) positions

0.01 BTC deposit earns you a Level 4 slot, which pays the same amount on sixteen (16) potions

Also, a 0.002 BTC deposit earns you a Level 3 slot, which pays the same amount on eight (8) positions

0.00075 BTC deposit earns you a Level 2 slot, which pays the same amount on four (4) positions.

Finally, a 0.0005 BTC deposit earns you a Level 1 slot, which pays the same amount on two (2) positions.

Moreover, you can earn referral commissions through the unilevel lattice, which works similarly as a 2×6 matrix except that recruitments branch out in more than twos.

Accordingly, the percentage profit per referral level are as follows:

2% on Levels 5-9,

5% on Levels 3 and 4, and

10% on Levels 1 and 2.

Red Flags: Triangle Scheme

You can spot the most glaring evidence of Ponzi from the reward programs. The Referral Commission is a triangle scheme loyalty perk. Here is the payment strategy.

Newbies buy a crowdfunding tier by depositing 0.0005 BTCs, which are served up as percentage profits to referrals in the unilevel lattice.

The same thing happens in the 2×6 matrix, with ROIs depending on newbies’ deposits.

Moreover, Trading Bot Commissions depend on a $20 compliance fee, calculable per $100 gain by any member. Affiliates then receive accumulated $20 deductions via the uni-level lattice.

There is no shred of Hi-Tech here, apparently. If anything, the reward cycles and loyalty perks are typical MLM ROI payment styles.

Conclusion: Is the Platform Legit?

The answer is NO.

Point in case: the non-existent Mobius Loop and G Technology System template copied from a faded MLM stint, 3X Funding.

As per the bot trader, nothing proves its existence, besides 128 BTC saying so.

Moreover, the only apparent revenue stream is Global Referral Matrix, which is only sustainable for as long as it takes a triangle scheme to run bankrupt.

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