128 BTC Login | A 2×6 Matrix Scam | Matrix Loop MLM Buzzword

128 BTC Login: with basic 0.005 BTC deposits in a 2×6 residual lattice, members unlock an ROI cycle shroud in buzzwords.

Stripped of its bot claims, the company is merely an MLM primer, with PRs advertising multiple loyalty perks.

We answer the outlined FAQs below in this article:

Can you trust the platform with your money?

How does the 128 BTC Login procedure work?

Is the company legit?

How does a 2×6 Binary Team Work?

Moreover, you can check that the highlights in this post reflect clichéd MLM stints, as per high yield investments. Read on below for details.

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128 BTC Login: How it Works


The procedure discussed in this section is only for enlightenment. It doesn’t prompt the reader to register or sign up for a 128 BTC membership. Also, as the login details approximate general KYC steps, ensure you do not disclose sensitive information to the sit by attempting to join.

You can only access the 128 BTC Login portal successfully after signing up. So, here is how it works.

  • Go to the online sign-up page (there is no app option currently).
  • Click on Register.
  • Fill in your Referral Code.
  • Now, select a placement (click on the drop-down icon to choose from the options).
  • Enter your email address (according to specifications on the site).

Note that the subsequent part of this registration procedure might passively disclose the private info of the trader.

  • Continuing, click on the drop-down icon to select a country.
  • Fill in your BTC Address.
  • Also, create your 128 BTC Login Password (specifically five digits).
  • Re-enter the password into the relevant space.
  • Finally, tick the reCAPTCHA box and click on Register.

Wait a second. Did you agree to the subtle T&C below the captcha? If yes, see reasons to the contrary below.

A 2×6 Matrix Scam

That 128 BTC generates revenue via the typical MLM compensation grid speaks volumes about its legitimacy.

Compensation schemes, after all, are intricate upline reward cycles, with bottom-tier members earning less than the affiliates at the top. Binary Teams and unilevel Teams are two such cycles.


A binary team builds the first-level downline using two members. Each person similarly recruits two members into the second level, making it four-unit. Every member in the second level recruits two people into the third level, completing a twelve-unit position. The progression continues infinitely.

However, 128 BTC only pays down six levels, thus completing the 2×6 Matrix.

A unilevel scheme builds an affiliate’s downlines in the same ways as a binary matrix. But this time, members can recruit more than two people into any affiliate tier.

Regardless, 128 BTC only allows members to earn profits down nine (9) levels.

Possible Issue:

The problem with this payment option is that it constitutes the entire revenue stream coming into 128 BTC.

Payable ROIs are inextricable from the above grids, which, in turn, depend on new members depositing 0.005 BTC to boot a payment cycle. For instance, the platform charges $20 per $100 profit from the so-called bot trader.

Nothing proves that the company has any bots, in the first place, pinning the whole ROI scheme on affiliates complying with set deposit/recruitment thresholds. Profits treacle out when the 2×6 grids stop working. So, it’s Ponzi in the long run.

128 BTC Login: What about the Mobius Loop and System G Technology?

You can trust that they are merely MLM buzzwords with zero significance on the whole ROI thingy.

If anything, the so-called loop preempts the Global Referral matrix, which is the only viable option for profits (although it is a triangle scheme, nonetheless).

Does the 128 BTC Login portal lead to a bot trader dashboard? The answer is NO. In fact, it leads to an MLM profit spurt, with recruitments and membership deposits as boosters.

If you want a returns-tied MLM stint that provides zero evidence of profits realized on the backend, try using the 128 BTC Login portal. However, the chances are you won’t make a profit from the site. Watermine, Dev Racksterli, Girali, and Finiko are exemplary in this regard.

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