1000pip Builder Review | Offers Forex Signals to Newbies, Legit, or Scam?

1000pip Builder Review: leveraging a decade-long experience as a Forex mentor, Bob James now heads 1000pipBuilder to carry traders along.

At best, anyone learning the ropes could only make superficial profits from the foreign exchange markets on average. 1000pip Builder is one of the signal providers online that attempts to change the story for such people. Supposedly, it is not a mechanical slog prompting you to follow bots or invest in a backoffice deal. Instead, 1000pip Builder provides the signals to you for a price.

Now, while you buy the services of this platform, your anchor is Bob James, as mentioned previously. Bob has the skills for discerning profit zones and optimizing financial instruments to make profits. But that is not where the résumé ends; it supposedly has verification from MyFXBook (according to the website).

Our 1000pip Builder Review finds that the platform has at least a three-quarter (3/4) positive rating on reliable customer reviews online, including TrustPilot. Despite waning confidence in running forex business via emails, 1000pip Builder gains clients on the internet. What does the signal provider offer you? Is it a legit anchor for trade signals?

If this article is your first brush with 1000pip Builder services, learn how it works (and more) in the following sections.

1000pip Builder Review: Good for Newbies?

Its focus on beginners is the best traction for 1000pip Builder, earning it the trust of home traders. So, if you are new to the wheels of business in this company, learn the ropes with 1000pip Builder. They reportedly offer vital information for a profitable trade. Their signals come with valuable guides and subsequent assistance on request.

Most 1000pip Builder Review posts emphasize the 600-1000 pip offer to traders. We reiterate the point here: the platform promises to deliver a 600-1000 pip range to customers. That is not a stretch for any experienced trader. But as a monetized service, the offer no doubt incentivizes customers to sign up on the website.

Also, a steady pip chunk in the above range implies a wonderful time trading on the foreign exchanges. Impliedly, it reduces your chances of losing money to risky markets. Expert analysis supposedly checks losses, after all.

Regardless, our 1000pip Builder Review cannot verify any testimonies of improved trading skills after using the signals from the site. Of course, there are trade charts on the site to prove real-time trading. But from customer feedbacks, Bob James might be daubing a backstage bot that does the actual forex trading.

It doesn’t raise concerns, though, as it concentrates on signals. The problems start when account funding must needs sidestep a broker.

We explain the pros of buying into the services in the next section of this 1000pip Builder Review.

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Below are the strong suits of 1000pip Builder as a signal provider:

  • 24-hour signal (you can expect signals in this period,
  • Free assistance on the use of signals,
  • The insured rate of 350 pips (increased chances for experienced traders) and also
  • Enables cashback

1000pip Builder Review: briefly, we explain some of the above advantages. The 350 pip guarantee comprises 65% of the contractual 600-1000 pip range at the start. That is a plus for a newbie, cueing free guides and cashback. Also, 1000pip Builder offers extended work periods if it does not keep to schedules.

Moreover, the platform offers a reliable support team, according to customer reports. Instead of intrusive calls all day, 1000pip Builder renders services through Email and Telegram.

Our 1000pip Builder Review also finds that the site does not tally services to threshold deposits. While many platforms in the niche reserve specific offers for well-funded accounts, 1000pip Builder does not (at least, not strictly).

Additionally, 1000pip Builder publicizes a real-time trade verification by MyFxBook on its website. Such audits analyze the trends and determine the best range for any period. According to some reviews, Bob James has double-checks or subsidiaries that verify forex signals before giving them out to customers.

The following section of our 1000pip Builder Review highlights the possible disadvantages of using the platform.


Although the signals are available for a subscription, they are not fixed at any time. That makes it an up-for-grabs service, despite its cost. Also, you may not get more than three (3) signals in one day, despite the 5-7 promise.

If you are trading the forex market in a different time zone from Bob’s, you might not use a signal on time, especially as a beginner. That could be a big issue to the swathe of forex starters on different geography. But it is not a significant problem on 1000pip Builder. Already, one customer suggests that the signals go directly to brokers, reducing the chances of loss. However, 1000pip Builder did not oblige the request.

1000pip Builder Review: Credibility

On the whole, the platform seems to render services at affordable prices. There are pockets of complaints about the site, nonetheless.

For the most part, paying for a signal could translate to 1000pip Builder spoon-feeding subscribers. That does not help a trainee much if it winds down to learning the ropes. Generally, experts advise beginners to copy-trade and cut the expenses of leveraging third-party guidance, cue the high prices for investors in 1000pip Builder.

Moreover, merely asserting that MyFxBack has reviewed 1000pip Builder does not give the platform a pass. Such proofs require verifiable links available to the public. If it becomes an off-limits mark, it only points at an issue about the platform. For instance, an audit would answer the question: who is Bob James?

Our 1000pip Builder Review finds only Bob James, a keyboardist, not alumni of any financial institutes in London. That deconstructs every trope (vague, as such) about Bob, supposedly a human, offering forex signals. The 1000pip Builder is decidedly a robot, pending any digital footprint about him.

1000pip Builder does not exact much, disregarding the subscription for 350 pips on average since it does not work with customers’ brokers. Impliedly, it offers a one-off renewable service without corresponding insurance for your funds or a verifiable audit of its website.

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