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Access your Zero (0) Facebook Basics with our quick 0 Facebook Com Login Free Login Procedure. Sign-in to your Facebook Account for free. Use 0 Facebook Com Login Free sign-in process here in this post to Login into your Facebook account. 

This post explains the Basic Facebook features, how you can create a good profile on your 0 Facebook Com Account, and the login/sign-in steps. You can also learn how your local network providers (affiliated with Facebook Inc.) manage your data package

Would you also like to learn about the Facebook Zero-supported browsers? Our post on the 0 Facebook Com Login Free sign-in procedure answers all the questions you require to get started on the app. Read this post thoroughly to get the details you need.

0 Facebook Com Login Free: Lite, Facebook Zero, 0 Facebook Creation

0 Facebook Com Login Free: Facebook Lite, 0 Facebook Com, or Facebook zero are a crop of new data-saving services from Facebook Inc. to its users globally. The services chop down the data usage from your mobile device. 

Instead of media exchanges involving bulk data transfers between end-users, 0 Facebook Com allows you to send/receive plain text messages mostly and pics/vids. How did this service start?

0 Facebook Com Login Free is a trending value from mega social media platform, Facebook. Since the idea was announced in 2010, Facebook liaised with phone-based network providers to offer Free Data Facebook for mobile phone users. The project delegates much of the work to carriers as part of the Free Basics Data Plan.

For instance, MTN offers Free Basics Data Facebook with options for Free Basics access to Google search, etc. The 0 Facebook Com free service is also available under MTN Fair Usage Policy (FUP). It allows you to use Facebook every day for free. But the offer comes with a few expenses too.

See the features in the 0 Facebook Com/Facebook Lite/Free Mode Facebook service in the section below.

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0 Facebook Com Login Free: Facebook Zero/Free Mode Facebook Features

Although the 0 Facebook Com Login Free steps allow you to enter your account on FB for free, you can only do limited activities on the app. For instance, you cannot send/receive pictures and videos using the Free Mode Facebook. To exchange (or view) media files, you can always switch to Data Facebook.

Below are the available features on the 0 Facebook Com service:

  • The Zero Facebook Com Sign-in Free steps allow you to
  • Manage your Facebook Profile Pics
  • Update your Status (post and remove contents)
  • Post comments on FB friend’s posts
  • It also allows you to surf Facebook
  • You can make friends using the Search Friends feature

Further, the 0 Facebook Com Account, through MTN Free Basics for newbies to Facebook, allows you to exchange media contents (pics, vids, etc.) with friends.

So, even without data, you can continue using Facebook to send and receive pics and vids provided you are not using Facebook already.

Additionally, you can access outgoing links and Facebook Messenger with the 0 Facebook Com Login Free steps.

Free Basics Extra Offers

MTN Nigeria incorporates 0 Facebook Com Login Free service in its zero data Basics Plan promo. It also allows you to browse additional websites. There you can get sports updates, entertainment clips, news, and so on.

Through the 0 Facebook MTN Free Basics, you can get Nigerian News updates from Naijnews.com, Wikipedia, Nigeria Gallery, VConnect, Pass.ng, etc. Moreover, Free Basics provides free data links to social media communities like Nairaland Forum.

Note that the Free Facebook is available globally through supported Carriers. For instance, while MTN is available mostly for users in Africa, you can get 0 Facebook through Vodacom supported Facebook Flex in the USA.

How to Create Zero Facebook Account

You can create an account on the Free Data Facebook service app through the steps below:

  1. Ensure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Then go to m.facebook.com.
  3. Opt for Create Account/Sign-up/Register
  4. Fill in the requisite details
  5. Create a strong, unique user password for your Facebook Account
  6. Indicate your Gender by ticking the appropriate box.
  7. Finally, click on Create Account.

Access 0 Facebook Account through Freebasics.com

0 Facebook Com Free Account Sign-in: get the Facebook Zero app through supported network providers like MTN, Airtel, Coollink, etc. To download the Free Basics Facebook, follow the procedure below:

  • Ensure that your mobile device contains a SIM card from FB partner carriers. (Partner carriers are supported network providers in your location such as MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, etc.)
  • Then go to 0.freebasics.com/
  • Go through the platform to locate 0 Facebook download links.
  • Click on it to download and install the app on your mobile phone.

0 Facebook Login

0 Facebook Com Login Free: login to your account with Facebook Zero using these procedures below:

  • To log in to Facebook Free Mode _ search Free Mode Facebook on your web browser.
  • Enter your Facebook Login details and click on Login.
  • Alternatively, you can tap on the Free Data Facebook icon on your Facebook Account to start using Facebook Free Mode.
  • To sign into 0 Facebook MTN Free Basics _ search m.facebook.com
  • Enter your Facebook account login details.
  • Finally, click on Login.

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